Scrap Wood Storage Rack… Out of Scrap Wood

Scrap Wood Storage Rack… Out of Scrap Wood

I am still so thrilled with my newly set-up basement workshop! When I posted about it two weeks ago, I shared a small peek at my solution to storing scrap wood, and today I’m sharing that quick and easy DIY. I don’t know why I didn’t just do it before.  My scrap wood “collection” was constantly growing, but with no organization at all.  It basically consisted

These days, the ancient wood-burning ovens are evident for a revival in popularity among the vast majority of American consumers. Antique wood stoves are available in several different types, such as ash, cylinder, parlor and potbelly. A Potbelly stove is a type of wood-fired stove made of cast iron. They differ slightly from other antique wood-fired hobs through their barrel-shaped body, which slowly bulges in the middle. That bulge seems to be the reason for using the name Potbelly. Compared to other types of wood-fired fireplaces, they are a little smaller and much shorter.

In the earlier days of their creation, they were often used for the heating of railway stations, school houses and general stores. As their popularity grows, they also began to be used to heat the American homes. The wood used for fuel is easily accessible and so these ovens have a very economical and efficient method for keeping large rooms warm. The Potbelly ovens have been part of the American tradition for many years and more than likely it will continue to be a common American design. These furnaces represent earlier design versions before wood-burning ovens.

The poteline chamber has a small door mounted on the front of the unit used to supply wood for burning and a means for cleaning the ash from the bottom of the stove. A potbelly usually has a sponge-shaped top to it and often comes with stylish claw feet, although some have been built with a simple block base. If you want to buy a potbelly stove, there are several main categories where you can choose from. You have the choice to either buy a genuine antique potbelly or to buy one of the new replica pot belly chambers that are currently manufacturers. The antique are much heavier then the newer and the cost is generally higher since they are often considered antique. Some of these antique fireplaces are actually over a hundred years old and still in excellent condition. If they are properly maintained and cleaned regularly, the furnaces will continue to function as intended for a very long time.

The potbellies have become the choice for many people because of many different reasons. They are ideal for old remodeled homes, old-fashioned or Victorian houses, hotels with some sort of historical theme as well as for museums. They are a very neat item and quite stylish, making them an ideal piece of furniture to decorate your home.