Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build Floating Bookshelves

Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build Floating Bookshelves

Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build Floating Bookshelves | The Family Handyman #woodworkingideas

A barrel (a cabinet for spirits hidden inside a worldwide world) has always been a popular way to store and serve various alcoholic beverages. In fact, some of these special cabinets are hundreds of years and of museum quality. These cabinets were actually used back in the 16th century and perhaps even earlier. Men would gather around these lovely bar cabinets and talk about all their adventures in different places around the world. While it's hard to find the original cupboards and you probably don't want to pay the price for an authentic antiques if you found one, there are many beautiful reproductions that can be purchased. Here's a look at some of the main reasons to buy one of these beautiful cabinets for your own home.

Cause # 1 - A beautiful addition to your interior

One of the main reasons for buying a globe liquor cabinet is that they make a beautiful addition to your interior. With beautiful wooden construction and the wonderful globe that they have on top, they look elegant and beautiful in your home. You will find them in a variety of woods and with different finishes, making it easy to find a globe that fits into your style of decor. Globe drinks cabinet can also be produced with vintage replica globe globes or globes with modern, current maps.

Cause # 2 - Bar Globe rotates for easy viewing

Another great reason to go with a lovely globe liquor cabinet is the wonderful way the bar rotates for easy serving. Inside the globe there is a bar that rotates and you can store your stemware and your spirits inside. This makes it easy to pour and serve drinks for yourself and any guests you may have in your home at that time.

Cause # 3 - Chill your drink for

You will also find that some globe cabinets will also cool your drinks for you. This means that you can store your favorite drinks inside the bar and they will be chilled and ready to be served when you are ready to serve. This makes the globes more than just a serving area, but a good place to store things as well.

Cause # 4 - Easy portable

Many of these globe mini-bars are easily portable as well. Some have furniture upholstery on them so you can move the globe from place to place. That means you can easily move this bar with you, no matter where you want to serve drinks, and give you great convenience when you are entertaining guests.

Cause # 5 - They provide a good start to the conversation

A nice globe liquor cabinet will also provide a good start to conversation when you have guests in your home. Because it is so beautiful, your guests are sure to admire this furniture when they see it. The globe often gets people to talk about their own adventures that they have gone on in the world, which will surely be an interesting conversation.