Painting / NATURE & ZEN L80 by WoodAixpo pallet wood wall shelf

Painting / NATURE & ZEN L80 by WoodAixpo pallet wood wall shelf

Tableau / Étagère murale en bois de palette NATURE & ZEN L80 | Etsy


Gray is a timeless color that has been seen all the time. During the 70's this color was combined with red and white as a relaxed accent color. Gray is now seen in everyday kitchens in the form of gray chess cupboards, an accent color or in countertops. This versatile color remains a home owner's favorite color for a backslash as well. Incorporate this timeless color into a casual kitchen for a relaxed feel and a polished look.

Shaker Cabinets

The Shaker movement was known for its simple designs. Shaker cabinets have been around since the 19th century, and they are a favorite. The humble look adds functionality with just a stylish style to a modest kitchen. This simple style often consists of just a few simple lines on the doors. Shaker cabinets come in different styles and colors, making the kitchen's classic ideal to complement any color scheme.

Marble countertops

Marble table tops have overloaded every kitchen bottle that has come, and this timeless look will continue to be a favorite long after the next kitchen has gone. Marble countertops offer a pristine look to another kitchen. This functional cookware is easy to clean and is still known to be very durable. When using marble for your countertops, you never have to worry about your kitchen looking out of date again.

Wood floors

Wooden floors give a classic look that will never go out of style. These floors complement all kitchen styles, from a modern look to a casual kitchen that immediately makes you want to sit and relax while enjoying a cup of hot hot. The polished look fits well with any color scheme and different types of wood flooring are available to coordinate with each kitchen, from a light wood that will look nice in addition to lighter colored walls to a dark wood that will make lighter colored accents pop. These floors are not only timeless, they are easier to clean compared to carpets and carpet, which gives families another advantage.


White is another color that will coordinate perfectly with any style, just like gray. Pictures over the past 100 years have shown kitchens that have whites in them, and white will continue to be a timeless color because of its versatile nature. White can look elegant, classic or modern depending on how you decorate the rest of your kitchen. Homeowners will no longer need repairs to renovate, and white finished wood offers a simple look that looks exceptional in a classic kitchen.

As studies show that clean cut lines in a modern look make families less likely to open up at the dinner table, more people turn to traditional and casual kitchen styles that give a sense of warmth and conscience. If you're looking for versatile kitchen ideas that will give a touch of a classic look or versatile kitchen ideas that have been time tested, blend a few of these ideas when it's time to redecorate.