Into the wood: meet the modern carpenters

Into the wood: meet the modern carpenters

Into the wood: meet the modern carpenters…

A Victorian greenhouse is a common greenhouse. It is generally not as easy to build as a house or grow a greenhouse. This is because it has a gable or A-frame ceiling. This is a two-sided roof with each side equally long and inclined.

This type of greenhouse has advantages over other less complicated greenhouse designs. For one, it provides enough room for a person to walk around without bending over. The structure would also make a good place to hang out during the cold days at the end of the fall.

The frame can be made of wood, PVC or aluminum. Which material you use is determined by cost. Using wood is aesthetically pleasing to some. But with PVC pipes, it can be more cost effective. If you want to build one with increased strength, consider using some kind of metal as iron.

When you cover the frame there are a number of materials that can be used. The easiest choice would be some form of clear plastic plate. Glass can be used, but you definitely want to make sure the frame you use can handle the weight. Fiberglass can be a better alternative. It is not as heavy as glass and would last longer than plastic.

Whatever material you use to build your greenhouse, make sure it gives you a structure that will remain. If the structure is temporary, you may just need to consider how well it will hold up to any extreme weather events. In that case, it is with a structure that is not very strong, perhaps not very practical.