Incríveis espaços de trabalho para artistas

Incríveis espaços de trabalho para artistas

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Fireplaces, heaters side, are good to look at. They live up to their status as contact point for your room, if not your entire house. How to accessorize your fireplace, however, affects the overall look of your furnishings. This is why caution is needed when you decide to spruce up your fire, such as adding a fireplace mantle.

When deciding on a mantel shelf, there are many elements to consider, beginning with the material. Here are four common materials used and how each one is fair, both functionality and decorative.


Among the stove shelves, wood is the most common. They work well in traditional homes and blend very nicely with almost any interior. Wood mantels offer many options when it comes to decorating. Oak, a superior type of wood, is both elegant and versatile.

Usually, wooden jackets are affordable. Its cost is one of its main attractions. Even expensive solid wooden shelves such as those made from oak do not cost as much as those made of stone. Wooden mantles come in different types of wood that include maple, cherry, Douglas, hemlock, age, pine, just to name a few. They come in different finishes such as black, distracted cherry, and primed. There are also unfinished wood stove mantles that are great for people who have not yet decided the best shade for their mantle to match their home decor.

However, a major drawback for wooden casings is that it is highly flammable. If you're thinking of a wooden shelf, make sure you consult your local building officer and fire safety department for the safety regulations specifically about the measurements required from a wood material to your fireplace.


Stone mantle shelves made of limestone, marble or granite are good for aesthetic functions. Home builders prefer rocks simply because they provide many options because they come in different colors and textures. They are both beautiful and functional. In addition, they can also be treated in several different ways, giving more varied choices that will surely match all the demanding tastes. It is also refractory and durable, which makes the best material for a shell shelf. It is also relatively low in maintenance. It usually only takes one soft cloth to dry it clean.

On the other hand, stone mantle shelves are generally more expensive than other alternatives. It can also be difficult to install, which makes the installation cost higher than normal. For those who prefer stones but cannot afford it, there are actually cheaper alternatives that give you the same stone facade. There are kits that you can buy in many home improvement stores or even via online stores. They look like natural stone clothes but are much easier and cheaper to install.


Metal is best known for being versatile. It goes well with almost every kind of pattern, most especially the modern or modern look. You do not have to worry about your metal sheath sleeves colliding with the rest of your interiors because there is a chance that there is always something in your room that is metal. Devices alone are usually made of metal.

Metal shelf shelves include stainless steel, solid bronze, brass or aluminum. They are known for keeping their pristine appearance despite many wear situations. With their bold lines and intricate craftsmanship, they are ideal for electric fireplaces. Because of their flexible properties, metals can also offer non-conventional shapes and shapes, giving more unique designs than other available alternatives.

Br icks

Perhaps beside wood, bricks are the most obvious choice for a mantel shelf. They are simple, functional and very affordable. If you are in a Romanesque and rural feel, bricks are definitely good alternatives.

Despite its simplicity and functionality, bricks also have some drawbacks. They are limited in terms of color and texture options that make it difficult to find one that matches the design you have in mind. To solve this limitation, tiles are often the perfect choice for bricks.

Measurement and prices:

When choosing a sheath, materials and dimensions are critical factors to consider, along with the price. When it comes to measurements, most chimneys come in standard sizes. The average width varies from 60-72 inches while the height is from 4.5-16.75 inches. They are also available in custom sizes. Prices on the other hand can start from around $ 100 to as much as or over $ 500.

Before you buy a mantle, it is always a good idea to shop to compare prices and designs. Get careful action and see safety precautions. Installation of conventional sheath sleeves is generally made easier with adjustable mounts. But for more complex types, consider hiring a contractor. With the right fireplace mantle, you will surely have a more pleasant fireplace experience.