Epoxy resin makes a great inlay material because it allows you to create delicat…

Epoxy resin makes a great inlay material because it allows you to create delicat…

Epoxy resin makes a great inlay material because it allows you to create delicate, complicated patterns without having to cut and match delicate, complicated inlay pieces. Here, Christopher Moore explains how to use resin to create stunning inlay and expand your design horizon. From issue #267—Mar/Apr 2018

Looking for a desk? You have to buy the right one for you to have a good experience. In order to buy the right desk you have to ask yourself these questions:

How do I work?

Your working method largely determines what type of desk you should go for. If you spend a lot of time on the computer sending emails or calls, you should get a desk with a smaller area. But if your work involves a lot of paper, books and files, you have to buy a large desk with plenty of space.

When you buy it is always recommended that you maximize the amount of space you need. When time moves you will always find a thing or two to do with the extra space.

What is the configuration of my room?

How your room is designed determines the desk you are going to go for. If your workstation is in a corner, go to an L-shaped desk. If you have a large room, go to a U-shaped desk. This desktop gives you all the storage and work you need.

How much storage space do I need?

Different office desks are designed to have different storage capacities. If you handle many papers and files, go to a multi-drawer desk. For best results, go to a desk with hanging files.

If you are going to use a desktop computer on the desktop, go to a desk that has cutouts and holes to handle messy threads that can give your work space an unpleasant appearance.

What material am I interested in?

Office tables are made of different materials. The usual materials are: metal, glass, marble and wood. Wood office desks are the most common. They are often made of solid wood, such as cherries and mahogany.

It is also common to find glass or marble-topped desk. While elegant, they require a lot of care to prevent them from breaking. You also need to clean them regularly.


These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself when buying a desk. To buy a high quality device, make sure you buy it from a reputable store. This requires you to do plenty of research and identify a good store.