Reclaimed Wood Sliding Barn Door Console

Reclaimed Wood Sliding Barn Door Console

Pour mon comptoir qu’elle bonne idée !

Wooden Four Poster Beds have historically been a luxury in the UK. Over the centuries, these beds consist of four vertical columns and support a large (usually) rectangular panel as a sign of wealth. You better thought your bed, the better class of family you came from. Even today, the same feeling seems to continue, as many still seem to have a wooden four poster bed as a sign of being high up in a hierarchy.

Four Poster Bed first became popular during England in the 15th century, although it believed that it originated in Australia despite its almost classic British feel. This type of bed has evolved over time and the version we see today is a development that has taken place for thousands of years and generations.

The first wooden blankets with four posters thought to be heavy, with thick posts that went straight to the floor instead of being attached to the main mattress frame. These heavy and thick bed beds really represented high quality and would often be decorated with the finest drapes and luxurious stones for decoration that represent this status. The bedding would be embroidered, often with gold thread, to further represent its class. The frame would also often be carefully cut, often to knights or hunting scenes. These individual carvings made these solid beds far-looking structures we see and know today.

By the 1700s, cheaper versions became available. These were made by cheaper resources and were much thinner compared to earlier, often versions. These new slimmer and affordable frames were an instant hit and became increasingly popular, probably because it also meant those who were not seen as the higher class could have anything that only the elite could own.

Some of you may have heard of the "Great Bed of Ware". Probably the most famous Four Poster Bed and can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This famous bed is also available in writings by Shakespeare! The bed is from the back of the 16th century, from a guest innkeeper in Ware. The bed is over 3 meters wide, which was about twice the size of the beds from the period. It is believed to have been built as a tourist attraction by the innkeeper. Visitors who used the bed would cut their initials into the thick oak posts, which are still visible today.

In today's modern era, there are literally hundreds of different styles to choose from. No longer are there only heavy oak sizes. There are several different materials, four poster beds available, including metal. There are both affordable types and still luxurious three four poster beds. There are also a variety of skills available. The Four Poster Bed is also available in many different sizes, including single, double and king size.