Le mur en pierre apparente en 57 photos!

Le mur en pierre apparente en 57 photos!

If you have a spacious home, the use of plant stands can be a versatile and flexible addition to your home decor. They can of course also be used in smaller rooms, but it is in spacious parts of a home as interior plants and plant stands can be used most strikingly and effectively.

The combination of plants, planters and places can add another dimension to your living space. The living decor, in the form of foliage and flowering plants, or of miniature trees and shrubs, can be as varied as you like, with such a large range of indoor plants available. When you combine them with both planters and places, the combinations that are open to you are almost unlimited. It can never be an excuse to say, "I can't find any plants, stands and pots that fit into my home decor."

Types of plant stands

Once you have made the decision to use plants in the home, displayed in attractive places and grown in decorative pots, what types of containers can you expect to find in the stores, whether they are local or online? They tend to come in a variety of materials, the more common are wood, wrought iron and other metals and baskets. Less common but very attractive alternative base materials are available in porcelain, marble, stone and acrylic.

As you can see from the material alone, the choice is large enough so that you can find a stand that complements your home decor, both in the color theme and style. From classic to ultramodern there are suitable choices there. You will also find some attractive combinations of these materials in some places, such as a luxury carved wooden pod with a marble slab.

However, the material from which a plant stands is only one variable. The actual style of the stand can also vary considerably and present many decorative and plant display options. It is this great variety in size and style that allows you to use height and shape so effectively in the interior, especially in wide spaces, such as large entrance halls and lobbies, adjacent to narrow stairs and in spacious living rooms with large areas of bare boards or plates.

There are several types of containers that can give interesting height variation to your living decor:

1. Platform platforms can be designed as plant stands, or you can use indoor pistols that are not specifically designed for that purpose, but still suitable and attractive. Marble pedestals, or classic columns, can be particularly appealing and luxurious.

2. Multi-tiered plant stands can be effective in adding height to your leaf and floral screens in the home. In this case, you need to be especially careful about the choice of plants by choosing combinations of plants that best show the plant's position. There are some interesting shapes and styles, including a spiral staircase.

3. Hanging plant containers are also available indoors, and it is worth considering where you want the eye to be distracted up rather than down.

When deciding to buy plant stands, it is best to consider the complete combination of plant, indoor plants and plant stands. If you have a vision in mind, your home will look increasingly attractive and you want it when it comes to putting the three together.

Also, never forget that a plant or a miniature tree can sometimes look more attractive without standing at all; and also some planters that you find find attractive interiors in themselves, and it may be desirable to be shown without the plant being shown.