12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

Adding texture to wood with tools | Use a round nail head (chuck the nail in a drill, pull the trigger and smooth the nail head with 120 to 220 grit sandpaper) and tap lightly with mallet to create smooth, concave dimples. Works best on softer woods

It lacked the link

When we think of "accessories" in home furnishings, we see paintings, candles, flowers, pillows and the small things that define our personalities and reflect our taste. But even with home decorations, collections and knuckle buttons, we use to color our home world. There is still something missing that gets very little attention and deserves more - a missing link.

Yes, we have furniture - a living room sofa, an armchair, a bed, chest of drawers, china closets and a dining table, but there are others overlooked, unsavory heroes that are actually an integral part of any decoration scheme.

Believe it or not, what is needed is more furniture! Accessory furniture is the missing link - the second idea of ​​our homes is actually essential necessities for functionality and beauty. They are the things that take everything together so that we really feel "at home" in our homes and keep us proud to invite others to share.

Furniture is incomplete without furniture

What good is a sofa without a coffee table or end table and lamps? A living room is just that - a place to "live" and enjoy meetings, friends visiting, special occasions or just a quiet place to sit and read a good book. A family room is just that - a place where the family can relax and enjoy.

Have you ever visited a home that lacks accoutrements to live like lamps or side tables? How comfortable do you feel there? What good is the lounge but a place to put your newspaper or your drink? Yes, you have a finest wood feeding table designed to perfection, but wouldn't it be better, look better, serve more with a mirror above it?

This is what we call furniture accessorizing furniture. It's the missing link. Furniture accessories are what make your larger pieces not only more functional, but more beautiful and loved. Accessorize furniture is to complete your interior environment for more complete living.

History Plalce in Furniture Accessorizing

A side table is a side table is a side table - or is it? There are, of course, side tables on the market that suit all tastes. Looking for storage capacity, versatility or a statement? You don't have to look far. But you can add even more presence to a room by merging the past and the present with an extraordinarily simple design - perhaps a side table with Queen Anne legs and spoon foot as a ping-pong table that gives the story life and sets a difference on the larger piece of furniture it complements. A side table like this is a place to put things down, to present flower arrangements, candles or collectibles. What would we do without the side table which is so useful but so for granted?

Use light to define space

The table top in your dining room or the mantle over the fireplace is another perfect place for a furniture accessory - a mirror. Choosing a mirror covering a large area may seem like a daunting task, but the trick is to consider what it mirrors, either in the room or in a window outdoors. A mirror not only magnifies the room by opening up views, but it reflects light that allows light and light to become an integral part of space.

An example of creativity in the mirror-making history is the Virginia Tavern Mirror, made by Tiger Maple flanked on each side by charming brass poles. There are also examples of mirrors in history such as the Monticello Mirror that evokes the acclaimed interior of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. Then they knew, even in colonial times, that a mirror reflections not only added extra light, but added glamor and beauty to home decor. The same principles apply today.

Choose the right accessories for furniture

Home furnishing texts that include accessory furniture can be as humble as grandmother's old handmade stools in the kitchen that add character and charm while at the same time using these out-of-the-way places.

Originally, classic step chairs contained a hole in the middle for carrying and were assembled with sticks (no nails or screws) and handmade with fine cherry wood. Such versions are still available today and can add antique charm to almost any room in the house.

The moral of this story is that when you choose something as humble as a stable chair to help you reach the top shelf in the kitchen, think of yourself as a home decor and look for a chair with character and charm to add a warm feeling , good kitchen.

Adds unusual

Some furniture furniture belongs to the unique, the special or the unique. The lamp that you found that characterizes ambient light that shines through a bottom-coated base and hand cuts illuminated for elegance is obviously something you don't want to replace. Or Tiger Maple Quilt Rack you could not resist now attach to the bedroom wall and show your most valuable pieces. It is a utilitarian furniture accessory that has literally become art on the wall and will surely be divided down through the generations as an inheritance like the one shown.

There is no substitute for the items you find that speak of your own personality. Your taste in furniture shopping reflects who you are, the colors and textures you prefer, the places you have visited and the memories you want to continue to live. Adding such unusual things to your home space is an important step in defining this room as "your".

Remember the missing link

If you have never thought of home decorations this way before, you are not alone. The homes you visit where furniture accessories are not available are uncomfortable reminders of the missing link. Choosing the right furniture for a new home or relocation is always the biggest part of settling down. Choosing the right furniture accessories is just as important for getting a flow to live.

With the right accessories in the right places, you will immediately experience the convenience of finding what you need at hand and the pleasure of displaying useful beauty in your interior space. And finally, you will enjoy seeing accent pieces that complement your own imaginable, personal design for life in a home space where your family and guests will always feel comfortable and welcome. So, when you think of "home", be sure to think of furniture belonging to the furniture. You have found the joy of discovering the missing link.