Terrific Plans Woodworking Jewelry Box #woodworkingclasses #WoodPlansPhotoGaller…

Terrific Plans Woodworking Jewelry Box #woodworkingclasses #WoodPlansPhotoGaller…

Terrific Plans Woodworking Jewelry Box #woodworkingclasses #WoodPlansPhotoGalleries

Katy Perry is so sizzling as a warm summer night (musical, inspirational, visual and conceptual). She has been everything from a Prom Queen to a Vamp-Goth to a sexy "nerd". Her promotional images for her Teenage Dream album really got her style perfect. The "California Gurls" pop star had a Bettie-Paige style purple wig, a multicolored rubber bikini (avec candy decorations) and her feet were enclosed in a pair of chunky haute designer heels. So what does it say about a Katy Perry inspired bedroom design? Well, it's about color, color and more color, especially "feminine" colors like bubble gum pink, honeysuckle, fuchsia, lavender and cream (just like whipped cream that tops off a delicious Katy Perry sundae from her music video!).

One thing Katy can't get enough of is animal print, whether it's a leopard print, cheetah pressure or zebra print (just to name a few). In the spring, Katy pulled out in New York City with a yellow dude print D & G dress with a black tip on the trim (no longer available!). She also claimed that her favorite gift she ever received was a leopard print. But even though leopard and zebra prints can be trendy, exaggerating on the prints, your room can move from elegant to cheap very quickly. You design a room with Katy Perry in mind, not a bedroom for one of the cast members of InStyle's hit show Jerseylicious, so keep it sticky for "The Shore". Why not use something that is a little more trendy? Ikat pattern is an interesting and colorful print that can add an unexpected touch to your home decor. You can find these patterns in almost anything: chairs, bedding, blankets, pillows or curtains. They add an exotic feel and an element of fun to any space and when someone asks where you have the hot cheetah pressure, you can say it's an ikat pattern, not cheetah, "honey." They will surely kick up a conversation or two in your new Katy Perry Bedroom! However, you can add animal print through a sexy LUX cheat coat to the end of your bed and leopard silk ribbon to border your lampshades.

When creating a Katy-themed bedroom, don't forget about beautiful florals and splashes of color, just not traditional blossoms, think outrageous colors and bold and zany prints. Remembering the overall feeling you want to achieve in your Katy Perry inspired space is a warm and evil feeling of whimsy. One thing that comes to mind is the cover of Perry's Teenage Dream single where she is every boy's teenage dream up on a fluffy bubble-colored pink cloud. For color or wallpaper colors, I would suggest warm shades of purple, coral and of course bubble gum pink. These colors are sexy, feminine and flirty - all words that describe Katy very well. Try mixing them all in your space by making a wall in each color and the 4th wall in cream, then take a thick piece of the cream (about 3ft thick) and take it over the other 3 colored walls horizontally about 1 / 3 below the roof to unite the room and grind the bubble palette.

I was also inspired by the outfit Katy wore on the July 2010 edition of Billboard magazine. On the cover, Katy is covered with flowers from head to toe. So why not follow Katy's management by incorporating Mother Nature gifts into your design scheme? For example, a vase full of pink peonies will make your bedroom warmer and more inviting - especially since cold weather is just around the corner and fun / flirtatious Katy would agree to put pom-poms in vibrant yellow, light blue and pink colors. Think of an Easter basket ... but more elegant! You can create an arrangement from Pom-Poms by grouping them in one bold sculpture vase. For wall art find your favorite Katy photo, poster or print and cut it in a dozen or so randomly sized pieces and frame each part separately and group them together on the wall to create the look of modern art.

Now, let's talk about adding even more theatricality and drama to your space by creating a canopy. They will add the necessary verticality to space as well. I think it's all little girls who dream (and many boys) about having a sofa bed (although some may not recognize it, it's probably a dream of many "adults"). If Katy Perry is one thing, it's definitely a princess (she married an Englishman, after all!). To top off your Katy Perry-inspired bedroom, put a canopy over your bed of 10 feet of fabric - find something silky and sparkling to really finish the look. I prefer a solid color in your palette and then add some sneaky floral and zany animal pads. A canopy is very easy to achieve: just put a nice stable hook on the ceiling in the middle of the bed and then let the fabric half wave from the middle down. If you search online there are even more detailed instructions for creating your own canopies, just enter it in your browser! While you're at it, add a plush headboard that really ends that princess's feel. I prefer something tufted and too high (between 5 to 6 feet in height) and make sure that your litter is sumption and very tactile with different forms of texture both visually and physically. Teenage "California Gurls" can also be princesses, right?

So next time someone asks you where you spent "last Friday night", you hope it was in your new Katy Perry inspired bedroom!