Rénovation salle de bain: comment rénover sa salle de bain à petit prix

Rénovation salle de bain: comment rénover sa salle de bain à petit prix

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It may seem a bit strange, but many decorators find that it is the best way to design a bedroom when choosing night places first. Clients are often vague about what kind of bed they think, and perhaps even seem to recognize which kind of bedroom furniture they are looking for. There are so many possible styles to choose from, the easiest way to limit it is to look at different styles on the bedside table. This can then be used to determine the appearance of the room.

The origin of the nightwear is, unfortunately, unnatural. In the days prior to the furnishings, many household cabinets had near the bed to enclose a chamber pot for use during the night, so the original night stands all have a cupboard. Modern night stands, on the other hand, can consist of drawers, shelves or simply a surface intended to hold clock, bedside lamp and glass of water.

In European homes, the nightstand is known, more literally like a "bedside table" & # 39; and is usually quite small, night stands in the United States are typically 28 or even 30 inches wide. The surface of the surface is important for many reasons. Too low, and it is easy to compensate for the contents when they enter or exit the bed.

Another good reason to have a table on the bed is to keep books. A set of decorative letters makes an ideal accent for a bedside table and keeps bedside reading nearby. If this leaves little room on the surface for a bedside lamp, use wall-mounted lighting with a shade that angles the light down and towards the reader.

With the design of the bedside tables determined, all that remains to choose is the other furniture. If a TV and DVD or Blu-ray player is required, it can be handled with a media print opposite the bed or more comfortable by running cables from a bed unit, under the floor covering of a wall mounted flat screen TV. Another solution would be to install a TV in a device at the end of the bed and retrieve it in place at a remote control. This is ideal in larger bedrooms, leaving the wall opposite the bed free of a romantic fireplace.

Bedrooms cry out for full extravagant window treatments; decorative curtains and matching valance can be added to functional, blackout curtains and should be full length if possible. If privacy is a problem, a base of shear is important, but if you do not replace a pure balloon blind for a romantic look, a novel blind of lace, if you are looking for something ultra feminine, a plain novel blind for something more masculine or a full, swagged Austrian blind for total extravagance.

If you are looking for a poster's great feel, but not the budget, use a triple number stick and mount it on the wall behind the bed. On the top bar use a valance that matches the one used on the windows, hang a pair of matching curtains and hang a contrast material in the bottom. Then simply pull the pair of curtains together with tie backs on each side of the bed. The effect is luxurious, and as long as you are careful when choosing your drapes, it will not break the bank.

The bedrooms are, in many ways, the heart of the home. Whatever your style, aim high. One way to feel good is to start and finish your day in luxurious surroundings.