Porte-Clés Porte Jeton – Tuto Patron Couture DIY – Fichier SCANNCUT – CAMEO

Porte-Clés Porte Jeton – Tuto Patron Couture DIY – Fichier SCANNCUT – CAMEO

Porte-Clés Porte Jeton – Tuto Patron Couture DIY – Fichier SCANNCUT – CAMEO

The bedroom furniture is the most important feature of your room. Beautiful furniture can lend beauty and elegance to your bedroom. Bedroom furniture should reflect attitude, personality and your nature. Today there are bedroom furniture with an exquisite headboard with gold trim and bedside table with vertical mirrors, stools, dressing tables, end tables, benches etc.

Fornisca offers Baltic pine bedroom furniture that is a combination of classic and modern style giving an adornment with timeless elegance. Our stylish and elegant bedrooms with sauna heaters are made of solid wood in smart design and beautiful colors. The beautiful style and solid wood means that each part of our bedroom furniture is unique and fits into any bedroom in any home. All our bedroom furniture exudes character and warmth and feels stylish. Some of our products are:

Baltic Pine Double Bed:
The Baltic Pine double bed fits perfectly in both modern and traditional environments. Contains a classic, yet modern design, with a smart headboard in natural color and made of solid pine. The natural brown finish gives a nice class to this bed frame which makes it perfect for all bedrooms. Baltic Pine Bed Frame has a sleek timeless design that is available in different sizes to suit individual needs.

Baltic Pine 3 Bedside Bedside:
Baltic Pine 3 Drawer Bedside has a modern feel and will give style to any bedroom. This smart box is made of solid pine in elegant design and drawer bases. Baltic Pine 3 Drawer Bedside is finished in natural wood color that gives a classic look to your bedroom. Features 3 drawers, round wooden handles for maximum storage. With elegant design and natural color, it is a versatile bedroom's collection with timeless appeal.

Baltic Pine 4 Door 6 Cabinet Wardrobe:
The Baltic wardrobe is simple but modern in design, with a warm wood effect and round wooden handle. Baltic 4 Door 6 Cabinet The closet is the perfect place for your clothes, and thanks to the bottom drawers they can all be neatly stored. Attractive and practical, the basic wardrobe is made of solid pine with a natural finish and with eye-catching wooden handles that give a time-consuming appearance to its exterior.

Baltic Pine Dresser and pallet:
Baltic Dressing Table is fantastic furniture with a large surface and plenty of storage space, perfect for your bedroom. Made of solid pine, with an attractive and natural finish, it gives a classic traditional pine look. The simple design with eight drawers this chest of drawers is a perfect match with any type of interior. Baltic Pine Dresser comes with beautiful and comfortable stools.

Baltic Pine 7 Cabinet chest:
Baltic Pine Box is ideal for use in a small space and with seven large drawers also provides plenty of storage. The traditional and natural box chamber is always a popular choice and looks good in any type of bedroom. Baltic Pine Drawer The chest of pine in natural finish with a thin line design fits in smaller spaces. Its seven drawers provide plenty of storage space and the top is also perfect for displaying personal items.