DIY Comment réaliser le plus beau des papiers marbrés avec de la mousse à raser

DIY Comment réaliser le plus beau des papiers marbrés avec de la mousse à raser

Viens découvrir comment fabriquer du papier marbré avec de la mousse à raser ! Un tutorial en vidéo hyper drôle à réaliser avec les enfants.

SAE Enclosures and Flywheel Dimensions must be understood by mechanics, farmers or DIY persons, as it is necessary to properly identify tractor engine components for repair, engine replacement, or gear change. SAE is an abbreviation for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and their standards or guidelines. SAE has many standards, and this tractor repair tip will touch on a SAE standard - the guideline for casing and flywheel dimensions.

To begin with, where is this used?

According to SAE: "This SAE standard specifies the main dimensions and tolerances of the engine flywheel cover and the damper housing flanges. It also locates the crankshaft flange surface or the transfer drilling bore (or pilot bore) of the stop surface relative to the housing SAE flange face"

To understand this, let's look at this example.

A customer would remove a Fiat CP3 engine on a Laverda 152 Combine, and replace it with a Perkins 1006.6. The first item to be confirmed is whether the Perkins 1006.6 engine will be bolted to the Laverda Combined transmission. To do this, he compared the two SAE house numbers. If the two SAE case names are the same, Perkins will hit the Laverdas combined gearbox. If not, then of course it is a bad idea.

For example, a SAE home label may be SAE 21. This is a 12-hole housing configuration with specific dimensions. This number SAE 21 will be embossed or cast on the flywheel housing and gearbox. Both must be SAE 21 for it to be a perfect fit.

Standard SAE flywheel dimensions are dimensioned with five measurements, which in comparison indicate a SAE number. These five measurements are XD, XB, XE, XF and XG.

XB is the outer diameter of the housing from one bolt pattern to the other bolt pattern, measured from the center to the center.

XD is the outer diameter of the housing on the inner tip of the housing of the other. Similarly, the other abbreviations are specified in the same way. A local internet search for SAE home metrics can provide such a chart in a light print format.

These standards are fully utilized by all major transmission, engine and flywheel manufacturers such as Allison, Dana, Clark, Spicer, Rockwell, Fuller or Funk. It is therefore not surprising that these companies are OEM transmissions, engine and flywheel suppliers for most of the world's largest manufacturers of engines and transmissions.

So next time a situation will change your engine, or your transmission, to compare the SAE designations before you buy or start repairing.