Colibri Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Colibri Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

Colibri Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial

The modernized kitchen will be based on a couple of design standards. The essential design components of modernized kitchen ideas will include neat space, modern art appliances, light dips, clean lines and contrast and striking colors, advised by modular kitchen designers. Here is a detailed description of all these kitchen design standards.

Hold up long, clean lines in your kitchen. It does not make it impossible to make curves, as you can choose worktops or extra furniture that is curved. According to kitchen design ideas, you can choose wooden floors where you can see the horizontal lines, with a specific goal of including more power. Having clean lines will not only give the feeling of a modernized kitchen, but it also helps the kitchen to work well. The measured kitchen furniture and in addition extra-modern furniture, for example, tables and chairs will also add more to the use of lines. You can also choose a table that is horizontal or semi-curved, and choose chairs that show a modernized design. Choose chairs and tables with steel, stylish legs. Using the glass table also helps to improve the look.


Choose 2 colored themes, not so many colors. Similarly, strive to avoid the black and steel-colored kitchen. It is great to include interior decoration signs, which would give the feeling of a neat kitchen. A couple of the perfect color combinations for the modern kitchen would be water blue or green walls that have a couple of parts of the walls painted a white color and also white kitchen equipment and extra steel articles. An extra fantastic theme would be half-dead and half-white walls that have black appliances and steel furniture. Take advice from the modular kitchen designer.

Lots of lighting

Make sure the kitchen has a lot of light. Inside them kitchens, such as Tuscan kitchens or French lands, a yellowish and old beam of light will be provided. Inside a modernized kitchen, however, delicate white candles will be used. Make sure there are enough windows to allow natural lighting. If there is no adequate supply of natural lighting, consider adding an additional window or skylight. To raise the artificial kitchen light, include extra lighting by hanging a couple of modernized design lamps that complement the modernized kitchen interior, such as those indicated dangling from a ceiling inside a photo.

Unclear areas

Special kitchen furniture offers enough space to store each of your items, so there is no risk of interference and cleaning becomes a basic employment. There is a satisfactory supply of shelves to store utensils, and fragments are designed inside separate furniture to store your appliances, such as ovens. Turn on the refrigerator so that it consumes less space and in an area where it is close access.