Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock | Turn your side table into a napping spot for your cat with just a few pieces of scrap fabric, batting, and cotton ribbon. This project takes less than one hour to make and is the perfect solution for using existing space for your cat to lounge away her afternoon. #pets #crafts #diy

Trust me, it's not easy! And sometimes it doesn't work at all.

But while I researched my book on how to produce more memorable writing, I stumbled upon these "thought-fit" ideas from several sources.

Remember that I am a writer, not a psychologist. So the methods shown here come mainly from authors and speakers who have successfully changed perceptions through presentations and compelling reports.

1. Wear the other man's shoes - Ask questions to find out why someone has a completely different view from yours.

2. Ask the person to reinforce his position - Are your opponent's opinions based on actual data or on challenged or used data that can be challenged?

3. If that person's views are based on data, is the source of that data reliable?

4. What common positions do you hold? Politicians can often win a hostile audience by first discussing values ‚Äč‚Äčthat all share. If we can agree on common goals, maybe readers / listeners follow us when we lead them to new paths.

5. Can any position be compromised? In negotiations, I often give away a small point to show willingness to come to an agreement.

6. Point out your pages best score. Remember the fence painting section from "Tom Sawyer"? Tom does his job seems so appealing that his friends offer him all sorts of prizes if he lets them participate.

7. Talk about "good points" - Sometimes negotiation can become a "listing" contest. Can you strengthen your position by listing a number of positive things about your proposal? Example: "Ten reasons you should vote for Proposition A."