Are these the most stylish dolls house miniatures you’ve ever seen?

Are these the most stylish dolls house miniatures you’ve ever seen?

Little Lucciola brings tiny furniture and miniature accessories together to create a very modern version of the doll house

A great way to add an elegant look to your bedroom, bathroom, powder room or hall is with vanity. From traditional to modern and antique bedrooms vanity to one-sink and double sink bathroom vanity, here are 411 on both.

They are dated back before the Victorian era but this is also a period where vanities were most elaborate. The pieces were created for women as a "sanctuary", where they could admire in the mirror, use makeup, jewelry and "sweet" themselves for the day.

Therefore, vanity in the bedroom is also known as makeup items and also why many of the people on the market are ancient. Today's bedroom prisons are used the same way and are also good design accessories that can really give a touch of glamor to the bedroom.

Classic bedroom jewelery is nicely carved from solid wood, often with curved convertible legs, rounded feet, an oval shaped mirror and matching stools. More modern pieces are a blend of the classic and modern: square, straight lines in simpler finishes and sometimes used metal. Many bedroom vanities also have drawers for storing makeup, accessories, jewelry and etc., and vary in size from small and easy to work out and wide.

If you are looking for furniture for a hall or front door, choose a simpler bedroom vanity.

Some bedrooms' vanities can be used as bathrooms, for example in the case of smaller bathrooms that function as a powder room.

But the difference between bedroom and bathroom vanities is that bathroom vanity will contain sinks. A vanity bathroom will often be the center of the bathroom, so it is important to choose something that suits your bathroom design.

Bathroom furniture is usually sold as: single unit containing a small sink and counter or dual units containing two sinks and sinks. Additional pieces sometimes included in a bathroom cabinet are mirrors, medical cabinets (with mirrors on the front door) and attached or individual shelf units or cabinets.

Finishes are limited and are often black, light or dark forests and whites.

Most are sold on their own without luminaires, so be sure to consider what type of fixtures you like, such as cranes or towels, for example: brush nickel, stainless steel, traditional, contemporary, two handles for hot / cold or just one more. check both and etc.

It is also very trendy to have a catchy sink, rather than the traditional sink. Decorative bowls and modern square sinks allow for another modern touch in your bathroom and bathroom compartment.