Anna and Clara’s DIY catalogue

Anna and Clara’s DIY catalogue

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A fireplace store is a very specialized type of store. It is not like a grocery store or corner shop where shoppers stop regularly. A first time visitor looking for a new unit for home, farm or business needs to know what to expect.

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If a building already has a brick fireplace (one of brick, stone, tile or similar material), a new, updated unit would come in the form of an insert mounted in an existing space. An insert can burn gas, wood or pellets, and it connects to the chimney and flue gas that leads outside. Posts come in many different styles, which gives a great way to rejuvenate a room. They are more cost effective than making a complete renovation or replacement.


A new fireplace design needs special accessories. These can include gas logs, inclusions, jackets and trimmer. It is important that these accessories match the design of the fire function, both functional and aesthetic. Measuring, verifying and double checking everything in advance means that the process goes smoothly. It is also important that local building codes and regulations are followed and that installation deviations follow safety considerations.

Home Decor Items

When updating the hearth, it may also be time to spruce up the surrounding area. Matching cabinets and shelves are often on a fireplace. Some stores have staff on hand to customize these furniture. A theme can be transported through a residential area by matching wood types or tiles and maintaining the same architecture throughout.

A fireplace shop can also carry special screens, gates, beads, bellows, wood stoves, wooden shelves and other objects that serve a purpose while adding stylish decorator tubes in the surrounding room.

Outdoor Fire Features

As with indoor hair, there are many options for models for outdoor areas. Many stores will have a large selection of outdoor units that come in different sizes and styles, as well as grills, the fireplace, heaters and associated cabinets.

With outdoor fire functions, it is especially important to keep the area clear of anything that can burn, such as dry shrubs or overhanging tree branches. Care must be taken to avoid lighting fire in bad conditions. Days that are windy, hot or dry are not suitable for using your outdoor fireplace.

An Expert Team ready to help

It is clear that a fireplace party must have a wide selection of units, accessories, complementary products and both indoor and outdoor models. But a store would not be complete but a team of specialists who can help a buyer navigate over all the options and regulations that apply to buying and owning a fireplace.

Experienced, trained specialists must know the technical side to install inserts, sheaths and trimmer. They must have an eye for design to be able to advise on which elements are going well together. More importantly, they must be good listeners, willing to listen to each customer's needs and questions. An expert team that is ready to help will ensure that customers end up with the solution they want.