27 idées créatives pour réaliser de superbes terrariums, pour votre décor d’intérieur

27 idées créatives pour réaliser de superbes terrariums, pour votre décor d’intérieur

Un jardin, même tout petit, est une porte ouverte. Il vous est possible de recréer cet espace de verdure où que vous soyez pour décorer l’intérieur ou l’extérieur de v…

Pages are used to protect a building from rain, wind and other hard elements. They can be in the form of plastic, wood, metal or cement attached to the construction. To avoid damaging it while beautifying your home, there are some alternative ways to hang a wall decoration without drilling the pages, for example:

Double-sided tape

Pages are made of different materials and one of which is plastic. A double-sided tape is a good choice to get away with drilling while hanging on a wall decoration. No more use of hammers to fix a fittings in place. All you need is to choose something that is lightweight because the tape is not so robust.

Monkey hooks

Built-in hooks behind the decors are already popular alternatives to nails. This is ideal for wooden sides where you can push the small hook against it. It can be a weatherproof wood, such as hardwood and cedar, or a cheaper version, which is plywood. The hooks provide cleaner results that are more convenient to use. Unlike before where you have to use drills to hang decorations on the wall, with technological development, everything is just one step away.

3M hanging strips

Just like a tape, hanging strips best fit in plastic as well as metal sides. Because these are made of high quality materials, the strips are like glue that adheres to the surface. Although they are strong, they are not made for large decors because the materials are only intended to hold an average load.

Vinyl side hooks

No need to drill or use a hammer, just drop it under the vinyl side and you now have an instant hook for your rail interior. With a capacity of as much as 10 pounds, it can be attached and removed at any time you want. It is specially designed for vinyl, which is a practical hook that usually comes in a set of 4. Made of small metals whose both ends are curved, one end is used to attach in place while the other end is to hang the interior.


If you have trouble hanging an interior without creating a hole, I suggest you try a super glue to keep it in place. It has a strength that can hold heavy weight with just one drop of it. However, you can no longer transfer it from one location to another.