So stylish ist heiraten heute: Dip-Dye Brautkleider sind unser neuer Lieblingstrend!

So stylish ist heiraten heute: Dip-Dye Brautkleider sind unser neuer Lieblingstrend!

Dip-Dye Brautkleider

If you love the look of beautiful fireplaces but don't have a fireplace in your home, why not consider using one as a wall art? These beautiful fireplace accessories are available in many unique styles, many of which can easily be adapted to serve as wall decorations instead of protection against the fireplace. Here are some decorative tips you can use to turn a simple open fireplace into a stunning piece of wall art.

Choose an open fireplace screen

There are so many different styles of such screens that it may seem difficult to choose the perfect one for your wall. If your home has a rustic style to decorate, an iron screen can be quite complementary. Iron screens can also be used to add a traditional authentic touch to a Tuscan decoration style. Brass and copper screens can also work beautifully as wall decoration. Antique displays often work particularly well, as they are usually made in a very ornate style.

But they are also usually quite heavy, so be sure to give them enough support when hanging on the wall. Glass screens can also work well when displayed as wall art. In fact, the glass screens are also adjusted quite nicely when used in front of windows to add a decorative touch, especially if the screen contains stained glass features. Glass screens also look great when displayed on the wall with a mirror mounted behind them.

Turn an open fireplace screen

When you first look at a fireplace screen, you cannot immediately see it as wall art. But when you remove your legs, you start to see that what you really have is a flat plate that in many ways resembles a trellis. Of course, you can always just hang the screen on the wall "as is", after removing the legs. But with some decorations, you can turn your simple fireplace screen into a really beautiful piece of wall art.

Decorate ideas with open fireplace screens

Mounting a flat mirror on the wall behind the screen will add a very decorative look, whether you use a glass or a metal screen. Or mount a metal screen on a piece of wood to create a rustic look on the wall display. Frosted glass, colored glass or various types of paper can also be hung behind the screen and accentuate its decorative appearance. For example, a beautiful black cast iron cooker would look good on a piece of rustic wood, with cast iron hooks hung along each side to add functionality.

Or add delicate rice paper to the back of an intricate designed copper or brass display for a vintage look. In a Tuscan styled room, choose an iron screen with a trellis design that will blend nicely with the overall natural look. Hang some wall planters under the screen and let the ivy or other vineyards use the metal screen as a trellis. In the kitchen, try framing the screen with terracotta plates, after it is mounted on the wall. If desired, you can even paint a screen to add extra design pizzazz.