DIY Freundschafts-Armbänder knüpfen

DIY Freundschafts-Armbänder knüpfen

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Tiger Woods born December 30, 1975 at. 10:50 (AA rating) in Long Beach, California is an American professional golfer whose performance so far ranks him among the most successful golfers of all time. Currently the world's number one, he was the highest paid professional athlete in 2008 and has estimated $ 110 million from winnings and competitions. With time available on the Internet, Tiger Woods is a Virgo Ascendant in the Vedic Astrology chart with the Ascendant at 0 degrees and 59 minutes. The top gentleman Mercury is in the 12th (Loss) Lord Sun constellation, and the sun is in the 4th house. This chart does not show celebrity status. Many Vedic and Western astrologers continue to make predictions for Tiger Woods using this erroneous chart and wrong birth time. With the help of the earlier important events in Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods' birth time is corrected at 10:25:25. So the right birth time is 10:25:25 and the right Ascendant is Leo at 25 degrees 47 minutes with KP Ayanamsa. This makes Sun like his acting master.

The superlative Sun is in the 4th house in the constellation of 3rd (Contract Ads) and 10th (Career & Position) House Lord Venus, and Venus is in the 3rd house. This makes the Ascendant Lord very strong and reflects a very high degree of success and celebrity status. Mercury is the best planet in Tiger Woods charts that mercury regulates 2nd house of money, 11th house winnings, and is in the 5th entertainment house, sports, celebrity status, love affairs, romance, etc., and mercury is in the constellation of Ascendant Lord Sun. So mercury in one stroke joins the Ascendant (self), 2nd house house, 11th house of profits and 5th house of sport, entertainment, love affairs, romance. Venus regulates 3rd house of contract and 10th career, and the status of life is in the constellation of 6th (loss of competitors) and 7th (marriage, business) householder Saturn and Saturn are in the 11th house of profits. Saturn is also in its own constellation, very powerful. The Jupiter ruler over the 5th house of sports and entertainment and 8th house (sudden wealth) is also in the constellation of others (money) and 11th (wins) Mr Mercury again in the 5th (Sports) house.

As we have seen success, the name and reputation of Tiger Woods came under Venus Mahadasha Jupiter Bhukti (Oct 1994 to June 1997), Venus Mahadasha Saturn Bhukti (June 1997 to August 2000) and Venus Mahadasha Mercury Bhukti (August 2000 to June 2003). During these periods, the Tiger Masters won in April 1997, contract, contract 1997, worth $ 60 million over five years, sports illustrated this year's sportsman in December 1996, due to the 1999 championship award, the US Open Award 2000, the British Open July 2000, the second consecutive The PGA Championship August 2000, the fourth major championship in a row April 2001, won the third champion April 2002, began significant relationship on November 25, 2003 (became engaged to Elin Nordegren).

The Tiger Woods chart is not good for happiness in marriage because he is Leo Ascendant. The 7th House of Lords Saturn also regulates the Sixth Separation House at the same time, and Saturn is in the 11th House of Gains and Friendship in its own Nakshatra. This makes Saturn a very strong significance for the 7th house (marriage) and the 6th house (separation).

Currently Tiger Woods is in Sun Mahadasha Venus Bhukti from August 2009 to August 2010. Tiger has Venus and Moon in Scorpio, Venus at 5 degrees 05 minutes and Moon at 28 degrees 43 minutes. Transit Saturn is in the Virgin and aspects both natal venus and natal Moon at the same time. Transit Sun, as the surviving master of tiger and transit Venus, ruler of the 10th Career House, and position of life entered the Scorpio and received the 3rd aspect of transit Saturn in the Virgin and the moon on November 27 entered Saturn's constellation when Tiger Woods & # 39; night car accident occurred which left him bleeding on the road outside his home, has led to more questions, not answers. The period up to the end of 2010 is not good for Tiger's career as a transit. Saturn from Virgo will consider natal Venus, Lord of the 10th Career House. His marriage will end in October 2011 when transit Saturn will consider its natal moon, and tiger will be in the moon's mahadasha at that time, a strong significance for the twelfth separation house. The period from June 2011 to January 2012 will be very sensitive to Tiger because he will be in the moon Mahadasha and Mars Bhukti. Badhaka Planet for Tiger is Mars, the ruler of the 4th and 9th house, and Mars is in his own nakshatra, the most evil planet in his chart. I see some important events related to his property, as Mars the Badhaka planet also regulates the fourth house that represents relentless assets.

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