Coiffure petite fille: 30 idées de coiffure pour petite fille facile

Coiffure petite fille: 30 idées de coiffure pour petite fille facile

Découvrez les 30 COIFFURES POUR PETITES FILLES EN 1 MINUTE #parents #enfant #parent #coiffure #mode

Have you ever gone into a house or room that "felt" really bad, or gave you the creeps? The space had no obvious error, but you just couldn't wait to leave? You may have picked up on the "bad vibes" or subtle negative energies in that room.

This reaction to the negative energy of a space can be particularly evident if you travel a lot, especially in places that have great history, such as in Europe. Everyone has heard of houses that are said to have ghosts, but you can also feel "persistent negativity" in homes or rooms where there have been arguments or marital dissatisfaction, or just a very negative, angry person. It is also said that some outdoor areas have "battlefield energy" where people have been injured or killed in the past.

There is a science that deals with these subtle energies called radionics. Radionics can be used to balance out and remove the negative energy that gives a space its "bad vibes" feel. You can find a lot of information about radio music

The science of radioactivity has advanced and thus the equipment it uses. Radionic instruments used to consist of a stick plate and a number of knobs on a panel. There is such an advanced unit, called the SE-5 Plus, where the knobs have been replaced by a small laptop. This computer replaces dull steering wheel rotation. It is also convenient to carry or pack in a suitcase, as it is small and can be held in one hand.

Although the procedure for clearing a space for negativity can be done with most radionics devices, the SE-5 Plus makes it quite easy because the computer is programmable.

The procedure requires a polaroid photograph (a polaroid camera included in SE-5) of the building or site that needs to be cleared. For example, if you arrive at your bed and breakfast after a long day of traveling and your beautiful bedroom has a strange feeling, you are just standing in the door and taking a quick photo of the room. Then program the SE-5 Plus with appropriate phrases that indicate the intention to clear the space.

You can program SE-5 for things like:

"Remove negative emotions"

"Removing Fear, Depression, Unpleasant Mental Conditions"

"Delete Destruction"

"Remove anger"

"Remove Anxiety"

"Remove Negativity"

"Remove Claustrophobia"

"Remove Dark Psychic Forces"

"Remove Discomfort"

"Remove Negative Devices"

Once you have set up the program, you can set up the computer to make the rebalance. You should notice an improvement within minutes if you are in the area being cleared. You can also clear an area where you are not physically present. Thus, you can make long-distance cleaning for a family member or friend.

That's all there is!