Un bar mange-debout vaisselier !

Un bar mange-debout vaisselier !

bar mange debout ikea Plus

It's no secret that we really like acrylic brochure holders. But we also know that there are places where something a little different can work better with the interior ... or the budget. You may not know about wire screens or wooden screens. The real question is: What works best for you, and why? Then the question is: how much does it cost? Let's try to sort everything out ...

No doubt chrome has been an eye-catcher for decades. The rail grips the human eye like a fish to a hook. When fishing for increased revenue, sometimes the chrome counter with top-powered brochure is just the ticket. Thread design is practically an art form in itself, which only adds to the draw. One, two or three levels in sizes ranging from four inches to eight and a half, the curvature of wire displays definitely complements the aesthetic appeal. It corresponds to fair value and shows on newspapers and promotional materials with a bright, modern look. In addition, wire racks can really take a blow. Meanwhile, they go up to practically anything ... Like the energizer rabbit in the non-acrylic brochure shows.

Of course, plastic refers to a special passion and a handful of plastic displays that are economical and durable at the same time. While they may not have many frills, tiers and pockets, models like the tri-plate are still fully functional brochure holders. 4-1 / 8 "wide, a thinner acrylic design gives tri-flat screens an" econo-boost! "Some models send flat, and that means extra savings in terms of lower shipping costs. They are also easily mounted. Thin tri-flat stalked brochure holders are not shipped flat, but the thin design weighs less so shipping costs with this display are also minimal Good-looking, low-cost finance bureaus still look good and work well on countertops and they keep up well over time, for those with tight budgets, economy brochure holder present a number of dynamic new opportunities.

An attractive series of bright oaks, dark red mahogany and medium-length brochure holders ... Connecting form, function and rustic attraction of wood to decors where wire and / or plastic displays may not be right. Wood brochure shows are also incredibly resilient. Avoid flames and gaps, and they will last a good long time! Just like wire-pointers and low-cost displays, new wooden brochure holders should also benefit the budget. Keep an eye out for the great revelation. After all, when it comes to showing your print material, your options will only be better!