Salle de bain meuble – mobilier industriel – salle de bain lampe – Style industr…

Salle de bain meuble – mobilier industriel – salle de bain lampe – Style industr…

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Have you noticed that dealers begin to show their holiday decorations and goods earlier and earlier each year? Some people welcome the early holiday, while others enjoy myself; feel that it is too much Christmas till soon. A scientific survey of 1,000 American adults, 73 percent, agrees with the statement that "it is annoying that the holiday shopping period has become earlier." Forty-eight percent agree strongly. Only 21 percent disagreed. But if you are a gung ho ho ho shoppers and into themed holiday decoration then this season is definitely your best bet on great deals on all things "holiday".

What to buy and when

Remember when the best deals came after the holiday? Of course this is still true for things like Christmas cards and holiday paper. But now retailers are introducing their holiday discounts early to ensure that their stock is sold out for Christmas and you do not have to wait and buy after the holiday just to unpack them for the next 11 months before you can use them.

Reduce, reuse and recycle

The high season with purchases, packaging and celebrations significantly increases the amount of waste we generate. However, there are many opportunities for the consumer to reduce, reuse and recover the remains of the holiday anniversary.

Before you buy anything new, find out what you already have, what you can still use and discard the rest. Social media, like Pinterest, can give you great ideas on how to re-fit your current decorations.

Save your holiday decorations for reuse next year. Give your old decorations to local schools, churches or other non-profit organizations.

Don't be shy of Do It Yourself holiday faire. YouTube videos are all you need to do professional midpoints, arches, tableware, etc. Use natural ornaments like pinecones, shells, dried flowers or berries to transform your old ornaments and donate your home or office with refurbished centers and garlands.

What are the new trends in holiday décor?

One of the hottest trends in holiday decorations is black and white. It's not just black and white timeless, it's also the perfect backdrop for adding any color, especially red and green. Use black and white and mark your Christmas wreath, your table runner or your Christmas tree. Everything will look classic and elegant with a touch of black and white.

LED lights take over light bulbs on trees and homes. Remember that if you decide to upgrade your lights, the LED will also come in a bluish and yellow white.

How about using a winter theme instead of traditional Christmas decorations. If you use this more generic theme, you can leave your decorations much longer without your neighbors wondering why Santa is still on the roof in Feb ..

Finally, instead of spreading small decorations into your home, why not decorate one or two areas of your home with larger pieces. Your fireplace mantle and your entrance can be used to showcase your personal style.

Where to shop for Holiday Décor

The decor for the holiday can be very expensive. There is a way to create a beautifully decorated home for little or nothing. Handicraft shops and large box stores usually offer 40 percent of coupons with stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, which offer 20 percent of certain holiday items. Dollar Tree is one of the best places to vacation on a budget. They carry decorations for each holiday, including Christmas and Thanksgiving. Other retailers that should be considered are Kirklands, Pier 1 Imports, Jo-Ann, Big Lots, Sears and Target.

I hope these ideas will give you a pleasure in your home this holiday season! Remember to dress up your home will set the stage for the family holiday celebration.