Chambre de bébé : 25 idées pour une fille

Chambre de bébé : 25 idées pour une fille

Une chambre de bébé grise

Fågelhus magnetizes our springy friends to the farms and defends them for one year's knowledge. The following advice would help you find the most preferred bird houses for you and some species.

Types of bird houses

Decorative bird house styles

Birdhouses are different forms and types. Some of them have decorative substance, another is made of wood or wood-like material and colored. You and only you make the choice for the type of bird house. Only you have to be sure that the bird house is adapted for the climate and your resilient friends.

Different species, different bird houses

The shape of your bird house should be specified by the type of species you want to magnetize. The following roll points to a model of what kind of bird house is required by some species. Purple martins are the largest members of the swallow's family. The little martin house was forced to knit 6 inches over on the inside and must have an entrance of two and a half inches in diameter. Purple martin houses must be colored with white color from the outside.

Wrens prefers to live in small, ordinary houses. From the inside, the wren house is simple and small. You need to be sure that the holes have a size of about 1 inch in diameter to allow the twist to go in and keep predators out.

Chickadees and nuthatches are attracted to houses similar to wildlife, and a bird house from wood is a good choice. The bird house must be deep and close, with the task on top and the opportunity to live and be safe.

If you are not sure what type of bird house is needed, you must enter the bird species around your home and which ones you want to magnetize. The second choice is a general bird house for different species.

General Bird House Tips

Whatever type of bird house you buy, there are several important points that would help your birds be safe and the house in better condition.

Most birdhouses are constructed of wood or wood-like materials. The houses from metal must be in shade or they would be very hot. Your bird house must have drainage holes below and avoid collecting rainwater inside. At the top, the bird house must have some holes due to the open air. You must avoid houses with twigs on entry. Begging gives courage to squirrels, cats, larger birds.

Make your choice for a house that is easier to clean. Some of them have moving roofs and you get access from the inside. The bird house must be cleaned once a year to get out of the old house and check that the house is prepared for new birds.

The information would help you find the best bird house for you and your feathered friends. It will be fun, but you must not forget, in the first place it must be comfortable and safe for your birds.