Bilderparade CDXLV www.langweiledich… (Urban Furniture Designs)

Bilderparade CDXLV www.langweiledich… (Urban Furniture Designs)

Bilderparade CDXLV www.langweiledich… (Urban Furniture Designs)

Opening your home outdoors is a great way to expand your living space. Just like the interior, your outdoor furniture should be relaxing and represent your style and taste.

Fun with pallets

Pallets are used in daily shipping and can often be bought for almost nothing. There are several ways to use the wood from these pieces to create unique outdoor furniture. Legacyumble Stools Up AndM Irrigation Pleasing Starter You can also cancel one of a large tree or roof and place a small mattress on it to create an outdoor gung bed. By painting it and adding legs you have a functional coffee table.

Seating in the shade

Traditional outdoor furniture requires that your seating is a chair or sofa located on a deck or terrace. In fact, you can add some desired seating around your favorite shade. Tree benches are a good complement to all outdoor spaces and can either be purchased or manufactured from the waste that you can have around the house.

Old tires

Old decks do not have to end up in landfills. Instead, they can be restored to be a neat end table. By stacking two or three and then painting them a vivid color, you can add a rustic feel to your outdoor space. To make it a table, just add a glass pipe or a piece of wood.

Tires do not just need to be end tables. In fact, you can put a pillow in the middle to make it a comfortable Ottoman or simple stool. You can also add a planting in the middle.

Repurpose Terracotta Potter

You can add brilliant colors and useful patterns by repurposing your old terracotta pots. By turning them upside down and adding another pot to add any height, you can get useful end tables that are better than the old standby mode. These pots are durable and robust. You can easily remake them to match your space or other outdoor furniture in outdoor furniture.

Open center tables

Patio furniture should be functional. Sure, a traditional picnic table is functional enough as a place to set up your plates and drinks when eating out. But if you open the center just a little you can put in a cooler. This allows you to keep cold drinks within reach during your meal.

But not everyone likes having a cooler in the middle of their table. For those who do not care about the cooler idea, the space can be used for other things. Succulent plants put beauty in a dining table. You can also add useful herbs to strengthen your meal.

Decorating your outdoor space is a fun way to show your personality. You can take everyday items and make them fun, functional pieces that everyone will talk about.