TUTO Suspension en Macramé

TUTO Suspension en Macramé

Le macramé est une combinaison de nous. L’effet est beau et bien résistant. Parfait pour décorer n’importe quelle pièce de votre maison. Vous pouvez

In today's fast-paced world, large amounts of energy resources are being used at a worrying pace, which can certainly lead to the eradication of our valuable natural resources. In addition, the majority of the energy resources used today are non-renewable natural resources such as petroleum products, which make up nearly 80 percent of all energy resources used. Exploring alternative forms of energy to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources and thus save the environment has become more important than ever before.

Today, energy-related products, especially oil products, are used, and in some developing countries such as Nepal, fuel woods are important sources of greenhouse gases (GHG), which are the main cause of climate change. The threat of climate change for the whole of humanity is greater today than ever before. Rapid exploitation of the Earth's valuable resources has caused an imbalance in its sensitive natural processes, thus accelerating climate change, which is in fact a natural phenomenon. Thus, even though climate change is a natural process, the alarming rate it is aware of today has been a serious consequence of humanity's existence as we know it. And almost all credit for this danger lurking in our lives goes to the over-exploitation of petroleum products because of their harmful by-products. Exploring and utilizing green and alternative energy sources has therefore not only become important to save the earth's valuable resources without the earth itself and with all living creatures that call it "home".

Thus, it is seen that it is very important to explore alternative energy resources. It is not only important to save energy resources for future generations and give them the technology to utilize better, unlimited sources of energy and save the earth. It has also become an important step in limiting world poverty by creating millions of so-called "green jobs". It is a fact that millions of labor will be needed to create and maintain infrastructures for pushing solar, wind, hydro and other alternative energy resources. In addition, many people will need to save forests and use it in a sustainable way.

It is being discussed that exploring and exploiting alternative energy sources will need billions of investments and limiting current utilization rates for non-renewable resources will lead to economic melting. This is partly true. However, while much investment is needed to explore and exploit alternative energy sources, it can really bring great benefits. Reduction of dependence on petroleum products and a security for the future when utilizing non-renewable resources are some of the benefits. There are also arguments that such alternative energy sources as solar energy are very expensive because of the initial high cost of setting up the equipment. But if we develop cheaper technology to cope with such alternative energy through collective efforts and investments, these resources will be much cheaper than the petroleum products we so strongly trust today. Hydro power and similar alternative sources such as biogas are also only expensive to develop, but the cost of unit energy is very cheap.

Similarly, it seems that people who vote against the exploration of alternative energy sources do not know that the oil products will ultimately be used. They must be questioned, "what then?" "What will our future generations survive on?" "What will be the condition for future economy?" Thus, it is clear that exploration of alternative forms of energy is very important, in fact, inevitable. Doing so is the only way to save our future generations. Without a doubt, this argument is debated for and not against people who are not driven by desire for power and wealth.