Tuto déco: suspensions en macramé

Tuto déco: suspensions en macramé

DIY suspension macramé – Le tuto sur Marie Claire Idées

Whether you dream of a water master, mansion or just a big house on a dream site, not everyone will invest in what they really want, or can do for that. However, there are some ways to get closer to what is dreaming about, such as adding some amenities that will not break the bank but increase their own housing & # 39; values.

Many buyers today simply work on their existing homes and make them their own homes. These are people who do not want more square meters, but want their home to be transformed into a dream or a luxury home. They save a fortune that does it, and easily raise the value.

The latest and greatest

Anyone considering this investment wants to know what the latest is about luxury amenities.

Wet room

One trend is to have a jacuzzi that has moved to a "wet room". What exactly is a wet room? It is basically the same experience only faster. Instead of having to wait for a hot tub to fill or get warm enough, they can turn on rays and the water surrounds them immediately. There may still be a bathtub or somewhere to sit but it is very different and more sensible.

When it comes to tubs and showers, ladders and hand-made options rise. Infinity pools are popular outdoors and a lovely water map.


High-end finishes contain many different textures. Wall, floor and ceiling coatings are always so important for a luxurious atmosphere. Using raw materials that include stone, wood and glass are popular trends in their own homes. This follows the development of outdoor and indoor transport. Everything sits together to create a refreshing, natural feeling. While these surfaces are finished, they do not feel needed as such, as they did before.

There are details

Attention to detail is common with luxury homes. Plumbing fittings, cupboard alignment, patterns and more are all taken into account when designing interiors and exteriors. Large rooms are not only a combination of rooms anymore, but have a consistent theme also in surface treatments and materials. Colors fall within a single palette, and even lighting stays in the same way as creating flow.

New and hot

Deluxe and professional spa rooms, fully equipped kitchens with wood-fired cooking facilities, custom wine cellars that include entertainment space and energy-efficient extras such as solar panels, smart home appliances and geothermal heating are all trendy.

Also consider the following examples of some of the best luxury amenities offered in your own home market today. If a home for sale has these options and is affordable, buyers are lucky. In most cases, custom housing renovation projects are a great deal.

These are just some of the amazing home comforts buyers crave in their own homes, placing them on the list when designing. They are:

1. Fire and water function - indoors and out

2. Wet room - not the type to bring in muddy dogs and children, a personal spa.

3. Stone surfaces - walls, countertops, cabinets etc. with stone that is consistent in the pattern.

4. Technology or media room - still a great selling point, somewhere to escape and relax.

5. Open the kitchen for entertaining - have the whole party in the kitchen!

6. Wood finisher - nature requires more wood, stone and similar surfaces through.

7. Entertainment wine cellar - throw a party in the wine cellar, have tastings, this is so comfortable and impressive.

8. A great room - new large rooms are not only large but carry consistent elements.

With this knowledge, everyone will be ready to build their own homes for their fantasy specifications - happy planning and construction!