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Tendance tropicale en 10 DIY – Blog Déco

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Many people choose to keep their dogs out in the yard by building a house for dogs. From simple wooden box-like structures to elaborate and detailed kennels, there are dog houses of all shapes and sizes. But an important point to note in building a dog house is to isolate it properly. An isolated dog house will of course be more comfortable for your dog regardless of size and design.

Why do you need to go to an isolated dog house?

First of all you need a house that can negate the effects of extreme heat in the summer and extremely cold in the winters. Also, an isolated house for dogs will also deal with cold (or hot) winds that can cause your dog's discomfort. It is very important to have the right isolation in the dog house because your dog's health can be adversely affected if, for example, it is to spend nights in severe cold during the winters. The whole point of having a dog house is to give your dog a nice and clean place to sleep in - and if it is not protected against heat and cold properly, it does not really work.

Some tips for an isolated house for dogs

In general, wood is sufficient as a good insulator, and a real dog house of wood can go a log path to isolate it. But in places where there are extremes of heat and cold in the summers and winters with respect, the wood cannot suffice to isolate the dog house. For this you may need to resort to other methods of isolation.

An important point in heat and cooling exchange is the floor and care must be taken to keep the floor dry all the time of the year - it can be elevated on the cinder block or even brick for this. Alternatively, place a layer of bedding on the floor to keep your dog warm in the winters. The current can be of straw mats or wood shavings and not of blankets, because blankets tend to press down over time and then become poor insulators. If you put in bedding, you must also make sure that the bedding is changed regularly.

You also need to make sure that there are cracks in the walls, ceilings and floors that can allow air to escape in the doghouse. Then you have to seal the cracks so that the housing becomes airtight and reliable. This can go a long way to maintaining a constant temperature in the dog house.

You can also choose to install an insulation roller, especially on the floor, because the floor is the most critical area that can provide heat or cold. If you do, keep in mind that you should install a layer of plywood or bedding over the insulation to keep it tight between two layers of flooring.

The most important thing to note is that an isolated house is not difficult to design and do. All you need is some ingenuity and desire to keep your dog safe and warm during the cold winters.