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Tendance tropicale en 10 DIY – Blog Déco

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People buy tailor-made exterior doors for various reasons, with priorities that are different depending on what is considered most important to the buyer themselves.

Some can be turned by their durability. Others can be tempted by their naturally high insulating properties. Others may still feel that giving their house a completely unique look is the most important factor.

Having your own external wooden doors designed and installed is one thing, and is almost certain to give your home a unique style on your street, but it is the extra jewelry that makes the real difference.

If the design elements you add to your front doors are the same as everyone else, the customized item you paid to get lost behind them.

You need embellishments as unique as your exterior wooden doors.

And if you need ideas, you have to read on.

Fancy flower holder

Hanging foliage on exterior wood doors is nothing new, as we see with wreaths during every festive season, but neither holly nor mistletoe sits quite well during the warmer months.

Brightly colored flowers give life, energy and joy of spring to your home, and piles can be kept on the front door until the beginning of autumn.

But what will really set your home apart is the container you use to hold them in.

There are a number of bright, cheap and unique options. Some that you may already have somewhere in your home.

Children's rain boots, pleated umbrellas or even old water jars can add a colorful or rustic flavor to your door as they are filled with real or even artificial flowers.

Another door frame

If you are a polite person, or your family, and want to give a hint to visitors what kind of home they come in, consider hanging an empty but still decorated picture frame on your front door.

Artificial or real flowers can again be used to bring color and life to your exterior wooden doors by integrating them into your picture frame designs, while dried or fabric flowers will give a more vintage or rustic look.

Cut out wooden letters can be used to give a positive message to visitors or even past, while numbers can be used to help those visitors or delivery people find your home.

Alternatively, a mirror can be placed in the frame. This is a particularly practical addition if you have friends you suspect would like to fix their hair before opening the door to them.

Leave a message

When choosing unique jewelry for your exterior wooden doors, it is quite possible that you change your mind after a while and want to change the look or message that the door gives the visitors.

But by hanging a painting, your decorative addition will already have this function.

Leave a message to all the visitors you expect, an inspirational quote to lift the mood of all passers-by, or just your house number when you have nothing else to say.

Chalkboards on your external wooden doors can also be used to leave messages for non-social visitors. It can be for expected delivery that you call a number if you are not, or for unwanted callers not to disturb you when you are.

If you buy exterior wood doors to take advantage of their tailor-made style, adding "run-of-the-mill" decoration will negate their intrinsic unique look.

To make sure they stand out as much as they possibly can, get creative with what you hang on them with some of these unique jewelry.