Osterbasteln mit Kindern: Osterei aus Klopapier

Osterbasteln mit Kindern: Osterei aus Klopapier

Bastelidee Ostern Klopapierei DIY basteln mit Kinder im Frühling / Ostern. Tolle Idee zum basteln als Dekoration. Bastelideen mit Kindern zum Dekorieren auch für die Grundschule, Schule, Kita, Vorschule oder zu Hause.

You can use lattice panels to extend your existing fence, distance from your yard or garden, or create a privacy in your garden. You can also create a nice decorative effect with the grid panels. By choosing gratings you can enjoy the refreshing natural flow of air.

The grid comes in 4 at 8 feet and 2 at 8 foot grid panels. PVC and wood are the most common for grid plates. They can be easily installed when you know how to cut them.

Here are some tips to help you complete your project successfully.

1. Measurements

It is important to take precise measurements for the project, especially the width. This ensures that the grid panels fit properly into the support posts and the frame. If the area that requires framing is not a square, it is necessary to make extra cuts to fit the panels properly. Ensure that there is 1/4 inch space on all sides of the grid panels to accommodate contraction and expansion.

When installing on graded areas, cut the panels according to the slope of the ground. Alternatively, cut the grid panels with a few inches of replacement that can extend into the ground. Make a chalk line to clear the cutting line.

2. Remove the staples

The panels have many booklets that help keep them in place. Get rid of as many staples as you can that lie along the cut line. Use a screwdriver for this to minimize the amount of flying small pieces of staples that you cut.

3. Tools

To cut the grid panels in size, use a chainsaw (a fine toothed hard saw or a circular saw). It is best to attach a carbide-dipped wooden blade to the power saw for timber grills. This allows you to easily cut through the staples in your panels. It also lets you cut efficiently and accurately.

4. Cutting

Make sure the "side" of the grid is up when using a fine tooth saw. But the "back" must be up while using a rotary saw. In order to prevent the material from breaking or chipping, it is important to cut at an even pace. When you reach the end of each cut, make sure you provide a firm support to the panel, especially at the cut line. If the grid is not held firmly, it may tear or shatter.

5. Protective equipment

Some pieces of material and sparks can fly when you cut the panels. So it is important to wear glasses to protect your eyes. Gloves are also a good idea.