Make a day bed from reclaimed timber

Make a day bed from reclaimed timber

You’ll definitely enjoy spending more time outdoors than in your bedroom when you have a daybed like this on your porch or deck! Is this going to be your next DIY project?

Almost all the little girls in the world would love Barbie Dollhouse for their beloved toy doll to live in. It's hard to imagine, but Barbie has actually put a smile on young girls for more than 40 years. Although trends have evolved over the years, today's Barbie is pretty much the same as the original design released in 1959. Why? It's really simple, really. Young girls have always had fun with dolls and despite the ongoing misery for everything, it is simply that Barbie and her friends continue to enjoy. Moms and fathers like them mainly because it allows children to grow their own creativity and enjoy imaginative play. Too many video games and excess TV has been shown to negatively affect the child's growth.

There are several different types of Barbie doll out there. The most popular model is Barbie Glam Vacation House. Suitable from 3 years upwards it is easy to understand why this pink extravaganza has become a big hit. It has two floors and six rooms that contain a bedroom, living room, kitchen (including breakfast bar), terrace etc. It is ideal for having fun at home and even when traveling as it is unpacked in a stylish bag. This helps keep the playroom or your children's bedroom clean!

If you need a larger Barbie canvas house, consider Barbie Pink 3 Story Dream Townhouse. This is the ultimate luxury - a model based on a property that many parents would love to live in. This house contains five furnished spaces in Barbie's favorite pink color. It not only shines it creates even realistic sounds, including the doorbell buzzing, Barbie lobster in the shower, the toilet coils and the fire cracks. Barbie also has a pink elevator to take her from her gorgeous bedroom to her outside spa area containing a whirlpool tub with whirlpool. What more could you want? The only special complaint that uses this product is that the lift can be a little tricky to design, so read the instructions carefully and remember to buy the batteries.

Some people do not like to buy plastic toys. You will find wooden houses for dolls out there. While they will not be marketed as Barbie add-ons, most moms and dads discover that their girls love to play with the KidKraft doll's house. They look pretty cute and will be very durable and make the perfect option if you don't want to buy the popular plastic Barbie dollhouse.