Les meilleurs DIY sur Pinterest

Les meilleurs DIY sur Pinterest

Découpez un triangle dans le tissu et remplacez-le par un morceau de dentelle en le cousant. 

When you enter your bedroom, what is the important piece of furniture next to your bed? Yes, you're right - it's your agency. An agency may not be the point of contact for your bedroom but it is still an important bedroom component that adds to the beauty of the bedroom while serving the important purpose of storage.

Dressers lend a unique touch to the bedroom interior. They only allow you to do more in your private space. Isn't it quiet to have a quiet moment with yourself around the agency before you go to bed?

Dressers have the quality of storing things as well as complement bedrooms and making the bedroom easy to be in space. If you are planning to have an agency for your bedroom, here are some things you can think of before buying the right one for your bedroom.

Size plays a role

Before you buy an agency, make sure you have measurements of the area you need to place the agency in. Note height, depth and width. Also, if you want to keep the chest of drawers in the corner of a wall, then make sure there is enough space for the doors to open. Check the product descriptions carefully and check if the agency can fit in the specified size range.

You need to think about how to use the agency every day. Keep in mind the minor details of how to keep your clothes, shoes, accessories and other things that you prefer to store in your agency. If you don't have hanging space, you can keep your dressed clothes in the deep chest. Some would prefer small box offices where they would help store lingerie, pants, makeup and other bathroom parts.

Styles to think

What kind of look do you want to create when you decorate your bedroom? Is it traditional, modern or modern? Based on your preference, you should choose the style of your agency according to this.

  • Traditional Agencies - These provide a traditional look to your bedroom. Inspired by European patterns from the 17th to the 19th century, they have intricate designs and detailed carvings in deep rich wood. They give an elegant look to the bedroom. Antique agencies also fall into this category.
  • Contemporary agencies - These are simple and simple, free of all these ornaments. Made of light wood, they have accents and knobs of metal, ceramics and stones. Because of their simple design, they give a clean, minimal look.
  • Modern agencies - They emphasize shape and function rather than decoration. Due to their stylish appearance, they give an elegant touch to the bedroom.

quality issues

When looking for an agency, the quality must exceed your list. For high durability, solid wood is always the best choice. also on the slopes and drawers. If the legs and feet are of wood, each foot of the agency should cut as a single unit.

Staples, glue and nails that are used as a carpentry agency are signs of a weak mark and lower quality. Check the stability by checking the drawers, door knobs and interior. Look for some crackling sounds or if the drawers get stuck and the doors are close to a good fit. Also check if the wood is tumble-dried, to prevent it from peeling and splitting.

Dresser sets

Instead of buying each item individually, it is cheaper to buy agency kits. Multi-unit suits also provide more storage options.


Mirrors sound an extra charm to the office. It also gets the space to be lighter and larger. It is, however, that the shape of the mirror is proportional to the size of the agency. The mirror should be centered above the chest so that it does not occupy too much or too little space on either side.

Buy within your budget

Dressers can be purchased within your budget. You can look for quality, outdated, vintage or antique items in garage sales or thrift stores, garage sales and property sales. If you buy an agency that is made of cheaper forests like pine, check if it has been treated to prevent rat and damage. When you go through online bidding, be careful about product descriptions, photos with clear details, delivery terms and shipping costs. Reading product reviews before buying an agency can also help you determine if the product is genuine and whether a particular seller is reliable.