La lessive naturelle zéro-déchet : ma recette simple, efficace, écologique et pas chère !

La lessive naturelle zéro-déchet : ma recette simple, efficace, écologique et pas chère !

Zéro-déchet : Voici ma recette préférée de lessive faite maison ! Simple, efficace, écologique et économique, c’est la recette parfaite de lessive naturelle zéro-déchet pour une maison plus saine et plus minimaliste tout en faisant des économies ! #DIY #zerodechet #écologie

When someone is considering building a luxury log cabin, there are many details that need to be considered to ensure that a high quality home is built.

The first object is the loggarten. For a handmade cottage, the hand scaling of the logs leaves much more of the original wood material instead of being milled away. With the deviations in the logs, characters are sent to the dwelling. Draw knife marks leave many flat edges because the bark is carefully removed - revealing the beauty within.

Engelmann Spruce and White Pine offer a whiter wood. Douglas Fir gives a richer rose color to the logs. Western Red Cedar is two tone. The outer ring is lighter red while the center is a deep red hue. This rich color is accentuated and marked when the logs are chamfered and recessed for round door and window openings, on the scarf cuts before each corner and it is also visible at the ends. This richer interior does not exist in Spruce or Pine.

The second consideration for a luxury log cabin is how the logs fit together. The two most popular methods for handcrafted cabins are Scandinavian Full Scribe and Chinking Style. The full scribe method is much more time and labor demanding, but results in a much stricter home. Most of the "chinker" huts are dependent on chinking, caulking and foam between the rows of logs to create an airtight home.

For a Scandinavian Full Scribe cabin, each log has a groove channel cut into the underside of the log. The goal is to produce a seal of the log overlap log between each "round" or row. Also over the scribe method, the logs get closer together over time.

For a cabin cabin there is no overlap of wood on wood. Instead, they are chain saw plates on the top and bottom. Next, chinking and caulking are placed between rounds to ensure a tight fit. Over time, chinking must be applied again when the logs are shrunk.

The third point is about a little more extra insurance against air that enters the luxury cabin. In a fully written home, a black SofRod insulation gasket is placed along the edge of each side of the written channel on the underside of the log. This SofRod gasket is very expensive and, for example, only luxury cottage owners spend extra to add it to their homes.

Luxury log cabins are anything but low quality. Made with the finest premium logs, made with the Scandinavian Full Scribe method, and extra insulated with SofRod gaskets, they provide a warm and cozy retreat no matter what time of year.