Heiraten in Andalusien

Heiraten in Andalusien

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Whether you are renovating a kitchen or doing a new one, there are so many things to decide on and each of these requires serious decision making. While most people pay attention to the countertops and plates, even small things such as kitchen cabinets need the same attention. It does not deny that tiles and countertops would be the attentive things in your kitchen, but choosing the right cabinet doors is just as important because the cabinets define your style and settings.

Here, the standard kitchen cabinets' door styles are available in your area. By learning about each one, it would be easier for you to decide which one to choose for your kitchen:

Raised Panel

If you want to add dimension to the cabinet in your kitchen, you can use the illuminated panel design on the kitchen doors. The style lifts the middle panel and the oblique edges surrounding this raised panel add deep and visual detail to the cabinet giving it a perfect look. As a classic type of cabinet, the illuminated panel design on kitchen doors always looks good and they will never go in style.


This can be called the most common of styles for kitchen cabinet doors. An all-time favorite, the Mission style of the doors has clean lines and is therefore suitable for all types of kitchens. The mission closet door has a flat framed center panel insert. If you are looking for extra appeal and beauty, you can replace the center panel with glass. It is the wood coloring and the natural grain of oak that adds to the Mission-style cabinet doors the beauty and splendor it boasts. You will never find Mission-style kitchen cabinet doors going out of the trend. In fact, they will be mixed with anything that you do in the kitchen.


As a cabinet door style, the Shaker style is quite similar to the Mission and Raised Panel style. It has the flat central panel and a wide wooden frame that surrounds the panel and describes the door. The difference between the Shaker style door and the Mission style door is that the former has a slightly softer look while the latter adds more weight to the door's strength and has additional slats and vertical lines. Another difference between the kitchen doors Shaker and Mission style is that the former is made of cherry, maple or walnut wood while the latter is made in general by oak.


If you want your kitchen to distinguish the rural charm, choose to install the cabinet door beadboard style. If you have selected beadboard panels for the rest of your home, your kitchen will also have the same style in kitchen cabinet doors.

Arched Cathedral

This style of kitchen door has the arched style frame that describes the central raised panel. These cabinet doors are usually associated with the raised panel doors with the former on the upper cabinets, while the latter are used for the lower cabinets.