DVD Mosaic High Gloss Resin Tray

DVD Mosaic High Gloss Resin Tray

Use old DVD’s as mosaic tiles and create a stunning work of art sealed with Envirotex Lite High Gloss resin finish. Awesome Recycled/repurposed craft DIY! via Resin Crafts Blog Learn #howtomake this fun #project using broken DVDs instead of #til

While everyone loves wooden interiors on floors and walls, they are not easily maintained and exposed to problems with moisture and insects, scratches and spills. Made wood may be available and it is not a good idea to further destroy the forests. Why not install realistic wooden surfaces possible through inkjet printing on ceramic tiles? Ceramics are full of benefits, such as durability and light maintenance, cost efficiency and elegant beauty. Surround your interiors with your dream wood.

Acazia Ceramic Tile Collection
Choose from four smart varieties with linear weaving just like wooden surfaces. Wood appearance was never better, although the pattern is common enough, along with stone, cement and fabric imitation surfaces. The 6 "X36" planks are easily installed and the delicate matte finish indicates a subdued beauty. Use them on worktops and floors and walls without worrying about water and moisture. Constructions, renovations and additions, homes and commercials, here is a vision of beauty.

Plan dynamic interiors with a variety of tile surfaces
Samessans on walls and floors often make it everyday life and uninteresting. A large amount of tile materials, colors and mixtures of stone, porcelain, metals and glass are available, each wall and floor can have a new dress. Part of the tile of the wood, decides on a pattern of tiles with borders and accent walls. Inputs can be particularly dramatic while the less visited parts of the home or business could install cheaper tile materials. Choose one or two Acazia Ceramic Tile varieties and arrange them in a design, perhaps with other tile materials, matching colors and patterns.

Acazia Blackwood
An outstanding pottery on ceramics, the deep gray surface is very attractive. The linear years give you something to think about the mysteries of nature, reminiscent of the depths of the forest.

Acazia Excelsa
Another visual treatment, it contains a delicate gray background. Floating are bands of gray, beige and darker gray. Experience the outdoor glitter and a visual delight.

Acazia Koa
Build an elegant floor with character with this variety that mixes light and dark brown. The extended bands of weighing give it a robust feel.

Acazia Mangium
Also suitable for floors with depth, this variety has a mixture of brown shades. The veins are soft and dark, suitable for combining with any kind of decor and furniture.

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