{DIY} Schreibtisch-Kalender mit Instax-Fotos selbstgemacht

{DIY} Schreibtisch-Kalender mit Instax-Fotos selbstgemacht

Kreative DIY Idee zum Selbermachen: DIY Kalender basteln aus Sperrholz und Instax Sofortbildern

We all have a tendency to neglect our rooms from time to time. Whatever the reason, it seems to be the last room in the house to be decorated and we find ourselves rebuilding other rooms before we get anywhere near the bedroom! Maybe it's because it's just for our eyes and not usually on show. Then it is neglected and usually ends with clutter.

The messy and somewhat stale feeling to the room means that we do not want to hang around. It's a shame because you ideally want to be able to relax and take some time if needed in your own personal space.

A cleaning, a new color, a change of carpet, bedding and pillows etc will go a long way to creating a new looking bedroom, but it is often a lack of storage which is the biggest problem and the reason why it gets so messy.

Suitable sliding doors are a great way to change how your bedroom looks and how it works! So be sure to change bedrooms from a place you walk away from to a place you go to.

Storage - None of us want old furniture to fill our bedrooms but we struggle to cope without extra drawers and shelves. Sliding wardrobe doors can help you clean up the room, with all the storage inside, behind closed doors. You no longer need the extra storage boxes and shoe holders, as they can all be included in the design of the wardrobe. If you are a collector of clothing, you may want to include more than one rail. On the other hand, you may be desperate for somewhere to store extra bedding, in which case shelves will be more useful. The choice is yours.

space - Once you have taken care of your storage requirements, you will also find more space. To get rid of the extra furniture, floor space has been freed and without door opening to worry that all the furniture you have can sit closer to the wardrobe doors.

Design - Get the design right and your bedroom will be completely redesigned. There are a lot of designs to choose from, whether you want to choose a modern feel, a traditional look or a French style. Each of them has the ability to complete the transformation and inject your personality into a room that was rarely missed.