DIY Round Macramé Boho Costers

DIY Round Macramé Boho Costers

How to Make Round Macramé Coasters | Curly Made #macame #coaster #cord #diy

Have you ever wished you could do DIY folding fans that are like Japanese and Spanish fans for your wedding, craft or special occasions? The truth is: It is never impossible for you to make your own stylish fans with these tips and tricks on how to do DIY folding fans and personal folding fans:

Prepare your DIY folding fan frame.

Folding fans are usually made of durable and reusable wood, bamboo or gilded plastic frames, so you can really take your old but still unbroken hand fan frame for recycling in this project.

Alternatively, you can buy old stock from a craft shop or shop frames that are often ready to be finished with paper or fabric sheets. Most importantly, check how secured metal nails on the frames are to ensure that they will not cause your DIY fans to break when used.

Make a crescent-shaped paper or fabric sheet.

Make your hand-blade blade, or use it from your old folding fan as a pattern, then assemble the folds on it to prepare them for your folding fans. Put the latter on your fan's wooden or plastic frame by applying glue to start on one of the protective sides and repeat the same process with all the ribs until you reach the other's protective side.

Decorate your new fan blade.

Make your DIY fans presentable by decorating them with your own artwork or design that makes them unique to your wedding or special occasion, such as:

  1. Paint their leaves and frame with enamel or acrylic paint in pastel or vivid colors to match your occasion theme or motif;
  2. Create a design on computer programs and use your crescent-shaped paper or sheet as a canvas for it; or,
  3. Decorate them with lace, beads, ribbons, paper or fabric sockets, faux flowers, rhinestone, fringes, glitter and many others.

Carefully open and close your DIY fans first and until all its folds are firmly established. When you give them as gifts, you can simply tie them with a bow, wrap them in a box or make them a matching paper or bag that will serve as their exclusive and specially designed gift box and protective bag. Make your DIY fans in different colors and styles or in matching patterns to make them perfect and unique for your wedding or special occasions.