15 idées DIY pour décorer votre salle de bain à petit prix

15 idées DIY pour décorer votre salle de bain à petit prix

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Do you want to live in style as your favorite popdiva? Consider taking Kylie Minogue bedding with you. The stylishly designed bedding range fascinates with its classic design and the main material.

The bedding offers various bedding, including duvet covers of various sizes, pillow cases, pillows and bed runners. The color keys are largely dampened, which makes the Kylie Minogue bed suitable for all types of luxury bedroom styles.

Kylie Minogue Bedding Collections

Cassia Collection

Made of black satin with 200-thread count, the Cassia Collection offers the duvet with ribbon-wrapped details, stunning pillows and elegant quilted runners. The luxury sheets are designed to complement the ornate soft furnishings of a sumptuous bedroom.

Felicity Collection

Champagne satin woven with plated ruffles makes the Felicity Collection the best choice for those who love to live in style and luxury. The duvet is suitably combined with satin and velvet pillows adorned with beads, crystals and diamonds.

Leopard Collection

Leopard print sequin has made soft gold satin pigeon as the perfect bed linen for a glamorous bedroom. Stunning Gabriella mink pillows have enhanced the attraction of leopard bedding collection further.

Melina Collection

The oyster-colored satin with a horizontal band with minimal knot design gives the cushion of Kylies Melina Collection an attractive look. The attractive duvet is matched with attractive satin and velvet pads from the Kylies collections.

Ria Collection

Silver satin leather with a glittering overlay panel makes the Ria Collection of Kylie a versatile bed linen that can accommodate all types of bedroom designs. Attractive ornate cushions with white or oyster shades can be paired with the stunning duvet.

Erin Collection

Erin bedding series has black details on a soft gold satin body. The attractive duvet can be combined with ivory or black satin or velvet pillows and accessories.

Ionia Collection

The Ionia collection comes with soft cotton cloth cover with lacy satin roll. The pillow cases have rows of satin flanges that give the Kylie Minogue bedding collection an elegant look that can be integrated into any type of bedroom decor.

Silver Sequin Wave Collection

To give a regal touch to your bedroom, add Kylie Minogues Silver Sequin Wave Collection linens to your bed. The ornate satin sequin trim on the silver satin body has made the duvet suitable bedding items for lavishly decorated bedrooms.

Edessa Collection

A beautiful bed linen collection by Kylie Minogue, the Edissa bedding supply has bold black details on the soft satin duvet.

The large collection of gorgeous quilts, pillows and pillows come in different designs and styles. Quilt protection with ribbons or plated ruffles gives designer bedding a classic touch. Cushions with printed sequins or glittering overlays on soft satin body add glamor and style to the bed. Bedding with bold black details can be integrated into traditional as well as modern bedroom decor. The fantastic quilts can be combined with a variety of pillows. Pillows in Kylie Minogue collections are made of satin, velvet and cotton. Some of them are adorned with crystals, beads and diamonds. With a suitable runner from the collection to match the tablecloth and pillows, Kylie Minogue bedding will create a bedroom that suits the royals.