Woodworking Online Traning – #online #Traning #woodworking

Woodworking Online Traning – #online #Traning #woodworking

Woodworking Online Traning – #online #Traning #woodworking

An eclectic mix of antiques, vintage items, and even some newer things recreated from vintage forests make a house your "home" and vibrate with the energies of ancient times.

Rustic wooden patina, interior and exterior antique doors and hand-carved panels are hard wood structures and have been saved from ancient homes or havelis. Beautiful zen-carvings of chakras and animal folklore make the doors artwork and bear much historical value. Many include original hardware, including iron locks and brass door buttons and ornate handles.

Antique vintage furniture such as "damchiyas" and "manjoosh" are traditional Indian coffins used to store textiles or grains, an unusual and eclectic blend of traditional and simpler furniture. Coffee tables from recycled doors and offices in disturbed forests with large carvings start positive vibrations in your home.

Great hand-crafted king-size beds, restored fireplaces, antique doorways and arches, Zen Buddha panels, disturbed wooden chairs, ganesha bracelets, and ancient kamasutra signs add an exotic touch to your home.

An extensive selection of interior and exterior architectural curtains, Indian arches and architectural panels, rich in history and highly contemplated by these elderly and vintage doors are available in various styles such as Jaipur doors, temple doors, Gujarati panels, Haveli gates and South Indian pillows. Many architectural Indian interiors can be illuminated and accentuated by the beautiful handmade, decorative and arched lines on the doors.

Upcycled old furniture can add charming character to most everything right away. Hand-cut eclectic panel doors, windows, Indian carvings, barns, rustic patinas, antique arches insert the aura into the old. Indian style design is rich in exotic jewelry colors, naturally rich, magically enticing and provides a very relaxed atmosphere. Vastu hand-cut wall panels can be used as art and add an ethnic and warm touch to any room and improve your home decor.

Buddha, Dancing Shiva and Ganesha, Parvarti, Krishna, Kali, Durga and Tara inspire you to add a touch of mystics to the home, yoga studio or office. Each board / panel tells a story that is rich in history and tradition. Ganesh dances on lotus in protective mud, Blessing Buddha sitting in the earth touching mudra, Ganesha on the boat, musical Krishna playing flute or indian kamasutra signs and wall panels giving positive energy to your interiors.

Colorful rustic patins add the dimensions of the carvings and make them alive with warmth and individuality. The art of decorating in Indian style is governed by Vaastu, wooded by interiors. Beautifully elegant and stylishly cheerful, radiant positivity, Vaastu's interior combines with the ancient traditions of Hindu Vedas. Add a touch of mysterious divinity to your interiors with furniture and art from India.