The Myth Of Doing It All – #Myth – #Myth

The Myth Of Doing It All – #Myth – #Myth

The Myth Of Doing It All – #Myth#Myth

"French" style furniture and room design are all rage at the moment and this is especially true in the bedroom. It is soft, romantic and very possible when you know how!

If you have made the decision (whatever the reason) to stick to your existing furniture, it can be very easy to turn them by painting them in an eggshell and then plunging them by grinding some areas down to the natural wood - usually edges, handles and all the places you would of course see wearing. Change the handle for wooden knobs, wallpaper at the back of the chest of drawers and stencil on some French words. Finally, you can add casting to finish the look.

If your wardrobes are gone repaired, why not spoil and invest in some mounted sliding doors. Brilliant for storage, they can also be mounted in some awkward space and best of all there are many styles to choose from, so it is necessary to complement your new "French" look.

For wall paints, cream is probably a top choice as it gives some classic warmth and will show some specially selected pieces that reflect really well. Bare floorboards complement this style and painting them works best best; Choose either cream, light blue or gray to compliment the order. Regular, full-length curtains with carefully selected tiebacks frame your windows and give a sense of Parisian luxury!

If you have a beautiful French style bed or have upgraded your old with the previous transformation instructions, then this is where you can really have fun! Why not treat yourself to a new quilt? There are many French style designs at affordable prices. If you choose a classic pattern like a cream background with delicately painted flowers in the taupe on it, it will really help pull the room together. Patterned textured pillows, throws and bed runners also help build the illusion.

Accessories are also important for the overall look. How about hanging the word "love" or "amour" above the bed, with a typical French painting above it? Delicate lamps and manufactured mirror frames will all look beautiful with the other furniture. Finally, hang some hearts from hooks and drawer handles.

Finish the room with a chandelier and a French style chair in the corner of the room draped with a throw and some pillows. You now have a French style bedroom that is both affordable and achievable.