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In interior design and home decor there are many styles that you can choose from. There are "clean" styles and then mix-n-match styles. Two of the most common styles are the rustic, elegant look and the industrial look. Many people think these looks are one in the same. I am here to explain why they are not the same style. First, a couple of questions.

What do you think about when I say rustic chic? Do you like a farmhouse, wooden cabin with wooden table and exposed beams? Or do you like blankets, repossessed distressed wood with chicken and galvanized metal? Both of these descriptions are correct when talking about rustic chic.

What do you think about when I say industrial design style? Do you believe in hardwood, pipes and other metals? Maybe dark, neutral colors, old typewriters and wood-burning stoves? If so, they have the right idea of ​​industrial design.

Both the rustic chic design and the industrial design have common elements, but they also have their distinct difference. Let's look at each one individually and then maybe we can really see the difference.

Rustic Chic

The rustic chic design is lighter, more feminine and focuses on natural wood colors or light spots. Like light-colored paints and worried forests. Décor articles would contain erroneous hardware, chicken wire, galvanized (stainless) metal, exposed wood beams and wood-specific furniture. The easiest way for me to remember rustic chic is to think of a perfect little house on a prairie with its simple colors and used objects.


The industrial design is darker and more masculine. It has dark neutral colors and dark forests. It contains many polished or brushed metals. Common features include exposed channels, pipes, and basically everything we try to hide when building a house. Décor articles include old metal articles, deciduous shelves and things that remind you of the hard-working industrial era of America. An easy way to remember this design would be to think of a warehouse or commercial kitchen made in a house or apartment.

These two design styles have many things in common as their use of metal forests, but the colors and finishes of these forests and metals are different. It is very common today to find people who mix and match between these two styles to create a rustic industrial style house. They complement each other very well and create a cozy but practical home. You can find many good pictures of rustic industrial houses on the internet for more information on how they work together.

Whether you decide to design your house in one way or another or mix them for an even wider range of opportunities, make sure your house speaks who you are. Your home is a place where you can be yourself! Let it be a perfect window in your soul and show off your rustic or industrial home in style. Have fun decorating your home with your newfound knowledge.