Columns and Archways. Love this. – #Archways #Columns #love

Columns and Archways. Love this. – #Archways #Columns #love

Columns and Archways. Love this. – #Archways #Columns #love

There are few household accessories or furniture that can realistically be seen as keeping their original value or appreciating. Genuine high quality teak will really appreciate it as ages. If you are sufficient to have been the recipient of antique teak furniture, depending on the quality, you can have a very valuable piece of furniture.

How can I determine the quality of my teak furniture?

Teak, like a hardwood, is very dense and dense. The wood should be without spots and knots and should not be painted or stained. Either exercise will damage the wood and reduce its life span (teak is known to be for generations in its natural state) because the color or stain will seal in the rich teak oil. If teak is painted or colored, it may be possible to restore the wood to its original state.

Look at the wood grain. The highest quality of the teak has a very dense grain, and is easy to stir and splinter-free. Teak that has been left outdoors will turn from the rich honey brown tint to a silver gray. Many people suspect this shade because it means the wood is damaged - and some also take this as a sign that it is necessary to paint or stain the wood.

If you are uncertain about the valuation value of your teak furniture, you can request that your pieces be evaluated by a professional furniture calculator. Make sure the person you choose to value your teak is one that has valued the teak furniture.

How do I maintain the value of my teak furniture?

One of the reasons why people choose teak furniture is the quality of the teak and its long life. Teak is actually a wooden furniture that can be seen as an investment.

When looking for teak furniture, it is important to buy genuine teak from a reputable dealer. Some less reputable retailers have been known to sell "teak-like" wood. Keep all your paperwork from your purchase teak chairs , table or outdoor furniture in a safe place to document its original value and purchasing information.

Never point or stain your teak furniture. Doing so will permanently damage the wood. If you do not want your teak to develop silver patina, you can apply genuine teak oil to the pieces to keep the wood from changing color. As for the application frequency, contact your teak dealer for the recommended application frequency for your climate.

Whether you buy teak furniture for an investment or just enjoy, you can be assured that your furniture will be of the highest quality when you buy from a reputable dealer.