Vintage Carpenters Workbench

Vintage Carpenters Workbench

Vintage Carpenters Workbench

Today, modern garage doors produce a strong design statement across the country. Although the trailer cars' doors are all rage again this year, they simply do not fit the design style of many modern homes. Elegant, modern architecture requires a garage door that will complete the look, not degrade or collide with it. In addition to increasing the curve's appeal, stylish reeling doors are also entering the home.

Modern garage doors for modern architecture

Made of aluminum, glass and even wood, contemporary garage doors give a clean, stylish and simple look. Designed with sharp 90-degree angles and straight lines, this door style is smooth and sophisticated. The most popular styles have an aluminum frame with matt, acrylic or polycarbonate inserts. Aluminum frames are typically anodized in natural, bronze or black; However, almost any color scheme exists. Hardware is usually minimal in order to maintain the style's oblique lines. In addition to these basic framed styles, modern rolled doors are also popular in real wood. Although wooden doors are more expensive than other options, some homes require this style. Contemporary hardwood doors can have metal inserts made of copper, stainless steel or painted aluminum, with wood types including cedar wood, cypress, teak and mahogany.

Bring modern garage doors inside

Although companies have used interior doors for decades, this feature has only recently become popular in residential design. Where French or Arcadia doors were once the only way to merge indoor and outdoor, glass roller doors are now an architectural feature. Create indoor-outdoor living space, frame a courtyard, or use this technology to open a loggia to the large outdoor. Inside the house, use a glass door to separate the living / dining room and other areas without sacrificing light or simply shrinking the space that a wall would do. Because most homeowners do not want the smooth engines of automatic door openings hanging inside the home, garage doors used inside must be carefully compared and maintained properly to ensure easy operation.

Cool accessories for modern doors

Contemporary garage doors are already quite cool, but some fun new accessories add up the amazing factor even more. Door hardware includes flaps (nail heads), hinge sets, drawers and shutters in stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum. Although some of these tuffs may be too fussy for ultra-modern architecture, designers today use them in non-standard ways that provide a high degree of visual interest. There are also some fun new mechanical accessories that fit the modern ethos of this door style. New remote control units allow you to use wifi and your smartphone to open and close garage doors anywhere in the world and warn you when the door is used. Improved access controls use fingerprints and even retinal scanning techniques to protect the home from unwanted inputs. Battery backup devices, surge protection and the ability to program opener to turn on house light, temperature control and music when you get home quickly become increasingly popular.

Whatever your home design style or architecture, there are new and exciting garage door designs and accessory trends for you. If your home is modern in design, the industry has a number of modern garage doors and accessories to choose from. Contact a professional garage door dealer and service provider in your area for more information.