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Download premium image of Female carpenter working in a workshop 1199303

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Exterior doors can be used for several reasons. History shows that exterior shutters have been used since the era of ancient Greece. Today, exterior doors are made of iron or steel, aluminum, wood, vinyl and some other synthetic materials. Some exterior shutters have both functional and decorative uses, while most today are only used for decorative purposes. External wooden doors meet the requirements for both functional and decorative advantages.

Tall is one of the most popular types of wood used to manufacture external wooden shutters. Numbers are not a hardwood, but the main reason for its popularity is the low cost. Although not so popular, mahogany is one of the most durable types of wood used to manufacture exterior hatches. Mahogany's rich dark color makes it look very attractive and aesthetic while it can handle the rat and erosion caused by being attached to the outside. Fir, cedar, poplar, redwood and cypress are also often used to make wooden shutters. There are several advantages to using wood for your exterior shutters. Let's look at some of the main benefits of installing these shutters.

Advantages of wooden shutters

  • Protection - Wood rolls are good for protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. You will find these wooden shutters a blessing, especially during hot summers. They will prevent the sun's rays from entering the house, making your bedroom a cool, cozy and dark sanctuary, perfect for a quick afternoon sleep. Preventing exposure to hard sun rays also improves the life of your furniture. Due to their good insulation properties, they protect the interior of the house from the external climatic conditions. During the winter months, they can be swung open to let the sun go in for its natural greenhouse effect, which can lower your heating costs.

  • sustainability - Most wooden doors of good quality have high durability. Cedar is one of the most durable woods because its natural tannin oils keep it protected from boring insects. It can not only withstand high winds and rain, it also protects you from burning heat. Also, unlike vinyl or other synthetic shutters, external wooden shutters are made from a natural and renewable resource, which is better in terms of environmental friendliness. Tailor-made wooden shutters made of a full-cut piece of hardwood will be less susceptible to damage such as cracks and low-quality dressings, which increases their service life.

  • Style - Adding external shutters increases the aesthetic appeal of the house. These shutters make the house look attractive and elegant at the same time. Depending on what you prefer and your overall look, you can choose between designs and designs that are elegant and modern or rustic and traditional. It is possible to mount wooden shutters on serviceable hinges so that you can open them to let outdoors or close them to turn off adverse weather. This improves the overall energy efficiency of the house. Because exterior doors can also be painted, it is better to choose colors that compliment the colors on the house's outer walls. Outer hatches can also come with either fixed or adjustable louvers. With wooden shutters you can customize the size, style, pattern and colors according to your needs.

  • Installation - Installation of wooden doors requires a lot of skill, especially if you want them to work. But if you are not comfortable installing the external wooden doors yourself, you can also hire a contractor who can do the job for you. Exterior doors that fit badly can give an overall sloppy look and make the house truly disproportionate. Because precision and accuracy are important to optimally utilize the wooden doors, it is often best to leave the work in the hands of experts.

Impact of shutter installation on property value

Privacy and noise control can be important factors when buyers check homes for sale. No one likes too curious neighbors or any kind of intrusion on their integrity. Occasionally, homes close to highways or those with thin walls can get externals inside quite easily and deprive passengers of peace and quiet. External wooden shutters can be the solution to such problems. They not only prevent outsiders from looking inside the house, but they are also quite effective in dampening sounds. These features can increase the overall value of the property on the market.

Exterior doors undoubtedly have several benefits and with unlimited choices available on the market, you can choose the right one for your home, depending on your requirements.